Prevention Theatre Collective

This Collective is a theatre-based peer to peer outreach program intended to shift attitudes and behaviors concerning drugs and alcohol use for Washtenaw County high school students and communities. Recently, the instance of higher drug use and overdose for high school students has increased and become a high risk for the communities. Visit the Washtenaw County Public Health Opioid Data site for more information

Through the development of site-specific/original theatre, PTC works to improve the overall health and wellness both of Collective participants and audiences. The Prevention Theatre teaches and uses interactive theatre techniques as a tool to cultivate a culture of awareness in and around the relationship between mental health and substance abuse. 

The program partners with the school’s assigned counselor, prevention/ interventionist, social workers, health education and/or theatre teacher to facilitate student-created works. PTC employs MFA and MA Eastern Michigan Alumni who are trained in theatre and/or prevention skills. This program allows EMU to share the wealth of knowledge from the arts and extends its reach to nearby high school communities. PTC is funded through a grant from the Community Mental Health Partnership of Southeast Michigan.

Active School Programs:

  • Ann Arbor Community High School
  • Skyline High School
  • EMU's Early College Alliance

Previous Program Partners:

  • Early College Alliance 
  • Ypsilanti Community High High School 
  • Ann Arbor Community High School 
  • Skyline High School
  • Saline High School

Prime for Life

Prime Life is a 6 hour program for adults and youth that focuses on alcohol and drug prevention and intervention. What makes Prime for Life unique is the integration of applied drama techniques with a proven prevention curriculum. The prevention curriculum is Prime for Life, which has shown to be effective across the country in many different settings. As a tool, drama/ theatre are inherently reflective and mediums which align with Prime for Life's key preventive strategies.

Prime for Life can serve a variety of different populations. These populations include:

  • Educators and Parents
  • High School Students
  • Student Organizations
  • Community Organizations

Prime for Life's six-hour curriculum can be delivered between 1-4 sessions. Prime for Life curriculum was carefully selected to help residents of Washtenaw County reduce their risk for alcohol and drug problems throughout their life.  The program's nonjudgmental approach reduces resistance to life-saving information presented in the program and increases participants' openness to change. 

Open Enrollment Courses Available

All Washtenaw County Students are now able to enroll under our open enrollment section through EMU’s Eastern Scholars Program. If your school or organization is interested in prevention programs for your direct community please contact: [email protected] and [email protected]


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