Working Together for Safe Working Environment

The primary objective of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) is to assist the campus community in complying with safety, health and environmental regulations.

The University must also be a good steward of the environment and public health. Compliance is achieved through training, awareness, inspections and prompt attention to safety and environmental concerns.

By working together, a safe environment for working, learning, living and visiting is provided.

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If you have a health, safety or environmental concern on campus, please contact us by phone or email at:


CPR & AED Training
NARCAN Training
Safety Awareness & Hazard Communication Training

News & Announcements

3D printer purchasing and relocation
If you are planning on purchasing or relocating a 3D printer, please contact EHS prior to the purchase or relocation for an evaluation of the location, safety and ventilation requirements.

Lift and cart training/permits
Please contact EHS if you operate or have employees who operate a golf cart, forklift, aerial lift or scissor lift as training is required for proper operation. A permit is required to operate a forklift.

Respirator evaluations
If you think you need a respirator (cartridge, N95, etc.) in order to do your job, please contact EHS for an evaluation. In order to wear a respirator, you must have a medical evaluation, be fit tested and trained.