Faculty First

Faculty working with students.The GameAbove "Faculty First" initiative includes a $2 million gift to support a broad range of faculty activities designed to identify, expand and market our faculty expertise to highlight the quality of EMU’s academic programs. Broadly speaking, these initiatives may include, but are not limited to:

  • Reassigned time from teaching for scholarly, creative, and innovative endeavors
  • Conference presentations
  • Travel
  • Hiring of research assistants
  • Purchase of special equipment or supplies for teaching, scholarly, research, creative, or innovative activities
  • Development of a grant proposal for external funding
  • And, similar or related academic activities

Year 1 - 2020

The “Faculty First” initiative will span several years. During the first year of the program, beginning January 2, 2020, $400,000 will be used to enhance University initiatives that have proven successful in supporting faculty.

Faculty Development Grants: $100,000

During the first year, $100,000 will be allocated to support the GameAbove faculty professional development and innovation program. These types of awards have a long record of advancing innovation and professional development of EMU faculty. This infusion of cash will triple EMU’s total investment in these types of awards. Funds will be allocated based on applications submitted by faculty during the fall of 2019 for professional development initiatives, as well as new applications to be accepted in winter 2020.

College Funds: $150,000

During the first year, $150,000 will be appropriated to the five colleges and the University Library to enhance financial awards to support various faculty development initiatives. Funds will be allocated to the colleges and Library based on faculty headcount as of September 1, 2019, and will be awarded using the processes already in place for each college and the Library for supporting faculty travel support on behalf of scholarly and creative activity. These additional funds will dramatically expand opportunities for EMU faculty to engage in such activity.

Undergraduate Research Stimulus Awards (URSA): $150,000

During the first year, $150,000 will be provided to the five colleges and the University Library to enhance the Undergraduate Research Stimulus Awards (URSA). URSA awards facilitate research partnerships between undergraduate students and EMU faculty, thereby providing enriching experiences for students and valuable research support for faculty. The GameAbove investment will expand the scope of this dynamic program.