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The Faculty Development Center provides a centralized place to support the teaching of all EMU faculty, lecturers, teaching GAs, and student success staff.  The FDC promotes excellence in teaching, learning, and scholarly activities in accordance with the core values of respect, inclusiveness, care, and commitment. The Center grounds itself in awareness and support for cultural diversity and community-building.

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Teaching Spotlights
Read about our newest teaching spotlight and those from this past year. If you know an EMU instructor that you'd like to be recognized, consider nominating an outstanding faculty member!
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Take some time to read our weekly newsletter Happenings at the Faculty Development Center. Each issue features exciting FDC programming and events, blog posts, and much more.
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Teaching Blog
We are excited to host the Teaching Blog as a platform for faculty to share their opinions and outlooks on teaching. Keep an eye out for upcoming entries and check out some of our posts from last year!
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Upcoming Events
Stay up-to-date on all the upcoming programs and events that the FDC provides in support of excellence in teaching, learning, and scholarly activities here at Eastern Michigan University.

Happenings at the Faculty Development Center

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Teaching and Learning Together (TaLT)
The TaLT initiative begins with a learning community, composed of students and faculty, that will work together to identify ways to gain back what we have lost in terms of connection-building and mentorship. This work is in part of Eastern Michigan University's strategic commitment to prioritize student-centered learning and academic success. If interested in learning about this project's mission and meeting the members of this learning community, read more here
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CONNECT Conference 2023
The CONNECT Conference serves as an opportunity for educators to come together to learn about and reflect on effective and innovative teaching practice. The event will begin on Thursday, February 9, with a keynote address by Dr. Alison Cook-Sather and continue on Friday, February 10, with a day of panels and presentations that will feature sessions from EMU faculty, lecturers, staff, and students on a wide range of teaching and learning topics. Register for the conference here.
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Research Writers Collaborative
During the Fall 2022 Semester, Dr. Sarah Walsh, Associate Professor of Health Administration, hosted the Research Writer's Collaborative once a week. We are continuing this program this Winter semester, and we have expanded the number of groups to enable more faculty to participate. We will meet every Tuesday from 10am - 12pm and Thursday from 1:30am - 3:30pm. If you are interested in participating, please contact Dr. Sarah Walsh.
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Discussing Controversial Issues in the Classroom
In this workshop series, we intend to assist participants on how to approach controversial issues with respect and understanding. With this series both serving as an introduction to the challenges of addressing these issues and then offering participants a toolkit on how to approach these discussions, we hope to help faculty build spaces where these conversations can occur. If you are interested in attending, please consider registering.
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Teaching Using Oral History
We are excited to be hosting this learning community during the Winter 2023 semester that will evolve into an ongoing community of practice for those faculty on campus who are engaging with oral history methodology for their own personal research and want to improve or expand their practice; faculty who would like to learn more about the practice for potential inclusion in their classes; or faculty who are interested in this documentation practice that is growing in popularity both within academic and popular culture.
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College in Prison
During the winter 2023 semester, we are hosting a seminar to create the curriculum for a BA program at Women’s Huron Valley Correctional Facility (WHV). Due to restrictions on federal aid, we have been unable to offer credit for courses and have been relying on faculty volunteers to teach at WHV since 2008. However, this is changing thanks to newly available Pell Grants. This seminar will bring together representatives from departments interested in being part of a liberal arts degree program. Participants will serve as liaisons to their departments to identify courses for this curriculum.
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Navigating Sexual Violence
The Navigating Sexual Violence learning community was formed to support faculty who want to meaningfully challenge the culture of sexual violence. We will offer hands-on, scenario-based, and evidence-driven best practices for addressing sexual violence in the classroom, including creating a trauma-informed syllabus, using (or not) trigger warnings, handling offensive comments and common myths, facilitating difficult discussions, responding to disclosures, and offering students a hopeful way forward. Register here.
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Teaching Non-Traditional Students
We are having a three-part workshop series that will cover topics including caregiving, apologies, and work/life/school balance. These workshops will provide opportunities for faculty and students to share their experiences with the overarching theme of recognizing similarities that both faculty and students faced. Now that we’re moving back on campus, it’s important that we don’t forget these additional challenges we continue to face, although no longer overtly shared in the classroom. Register here if you are interested in attending these workshops.
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LGBTQ+ Programming

Please join us for three programs intended to help people learn more about LGBTQ+ issues.  This can help to make classrooms inclusive to all, and to help us think about how we can infuse these issues into the curriculum.We will be holding three different workshops including (1) LGBTQ+ 101: Queer Issues in Higher Education; (2) Infusing LGBTQ+ Issues and Content Across the Curriculum; and (3) Faculty-Student Interactions. Register for these workshops here.

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Faculty Scholarly and Creative Activity Showcase
We invite all tenured, tenure-track, emeritus, and lecturers to display posters, journal articles, books, artwork, and videos or compact discs (CD) of performing art, etc., that highlight scholarly activities that were disseminated or completed during the 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 calendar years. The Faculty Showcase will take place on Thursday, March 23, 2023 from 4 PM - 6 PM. Register here.
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eFellows Classroom Technology Grants
Congratulations to our 2022-2023 eFellows Grant recipients! The eFellows program was established to support faculty and full-time lecturers in obtaining the resources needed to successfully integrate technology that enhance student-focused instruction in courses and curriculum. The overall outcome of this program is to improve and enhance student learning and the scholarship of teaching through the integration of appropriate technology.
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Mini-Grants to Support Student Wellness
The Faculty Development Center and the Office of Wellness and Community Responsibility are pleased to inform you that we will be doing another round of Mini-Grants to Support Student Wellness in the Classroom. These mini-grants provide funding to EMU community members who seek to support student wellness in their classroom through their teaching work. Recipients of this funding will receive up to $250 to introduce practices into their classroom during the summer 2023/fall 2023 terms to support student wellness with a goal of sharing these innovations campus-wide.

Our Amazing Faculty

Dr. Steven LoDuca, Professor in the Department of Geography and Geology

“I want to say that it has been truly a good experience taking [Dr. LoDuca’s] class for the summer. At first I wasn’t so sure of the class because of the fast pace time in the summer, but now it turned out to be alright and I think [Dr. LoDuca] did a great job as a professor because [he] always helped me and the other students whenever we needed it and I truly appreciated it. I would definitely recommend [his] class to people that are trying to take a science class because it was really fantastic.”

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