Student Research

The Philosophy Section strives to support and recognize our students' research and writing in philosophy.

Undergraduate Symposium and Graduate Research Conference

Every year several of our students present their original research at EMU's Undergraduate Symposium and Graduate Research Conference. Sharing the results of your research at these events gives you the valuable experience of presenting at a conference and lets others recognize your scholarly work.

M.A. Theses, Coursework Papers and Projects

In addition to regular coursework, students may undertake a research project for credit toward graduation. Students considering a thesis, coursework paper, or project should talk with the professor with whom they would like to work. 

  • M.A. Capstone Projects

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    • Cristóbal Arellano Borges, Project
      From Beyond the Armchair and Into the Field: An Inquiry into the Role of Philosophy in Ecology, and the Upshot of a More Inclusive Epistemic Tool Kit
      John Koolage, Faculty Advisor

    • Gabrielle N. Bussell, Coursework Paper
      Feminist Theory, Gender Identity, and Liberation from Patriarchal Power: An Argument for an Ascriptive Account of Gender
      Peter Higgins, Faculty Advisor

    • Lisa Gawel, Coursework Paper
      Evaluating Fibromyalgia Exclusion from Para Sports
      Kate Mehuron, Faculty Advisor

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