Student Research

The Philosophy Section strives to support and recognize our students' research and writing in philosophy.

Undergraduate Symposium and Graduate Research Conference

Every year several of our students present their original research at EMU's Undergraduate Symposium and Graduate Research Conference. Sharing the results of your research at these events gives you the valuable experience of presenting at a conference and lets others recognize your scholarly work.

  • Undergraduate Symposium Presentations

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    • How the Self-Serving Attributional Bias Affects Student Learning
      Natalie Anderson
      John Koolage, Faculty Mentor
    • All Bodies are Good Bodies
      Avery Sheibels
      C. Áine Keefer, Faculty Mentor
    • Martin Buber and Pornography: The Objectification of Sex
      Omar Khali
      C. Áine Keefer, Faculty Mentor
  • Graduate Research Conference Presentations

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    • Citizenship and the Political Animal: Social Membership and the Rights of Nonhuman Animals
      Áine Keefer
      Peter Higgins, Faculty Mentor
    • Collaboration and the Moral Responsibility to Resist Oppression
      Marshall Corcoran
      Peter Higgins, Faculty Mentor

M.A. Theses, Coursework Papers and Projects

In addition to regular coursework, students may undertake a research project for credit toward graduation. Students considering a thesis, coursework paper, or project should talk with the professor with whom they would like to work. 

  • M.A. Capstone Projects

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    • Morgen Barroso, Project
      Dual Objectivity in the Sciences: Problems for Scientific Evidence in the Court of Law
      John Koolage, Faculty Advisor
    • Eva Chrysochoou, Coursework Paper
      The Moment of Vision: Awakening the Authentic through the Aesthetic
      Laura McMahon, Faculty Advisor
    • Collin Lucken, Thesis
      From Ancient Shamans to Cybernetic Lungs: How Heuristic Theory Construction Pervades the Messy Sciences
      John Koolage, Faculty Advisor
    • Robert Scheuer, Coursework Paper
      Ramshackle Glory: Towards an Ethical Aesthetic of Dwelling
      Laura McMahon, Faculty Advisor
    • Gabi Van Wassehnova, Coursework Paper
      Feminist Theory, Gender Identity, and Liberation from Patriarchal Power: An Argument for an Ascriptive Account of Gender
      Peter Higgins, Faculty Advisor
    • Carl Wauer, Coursework Paper
      Guided Passage: Planned Deviated Expert Judgment Model for Traditional Non-Rational and Intuitive Modes of Thought 
      John Koolage, Faculty Advisor
    • Adam Winbigler, Project
      Educating Children in Philosophy
      John Koolage, Faculty Advisor

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