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Brian Bruya


 Brian Bruya 702-K Pray Harrold

734.487.0419 (email preferred)


Ph.D. in Philosophy, University of Hawaii (2004) 
M.A. in Philosophy, University of Hawaii (1999)  

B.A. in Philosophy and Chinese Language and Literature (1992)          

Professional Associations/Memberships

Representative Courses Taught

PHIL 110: Philosophies of Life
PHIL 215: Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 291: Introduction to Asian Philosophy
PHIL 379: Topics: American Pragmatism
PHIL 379: Topics: Philosophy of Action
PHIL 391: Early Chinese Philosophy
PHIL 442: Philosophy of Mind
PHIL 591: Topics in Chinese Philosophy: Daoism


Interests and Expertise

Dr. Bruya's research interests include Chinese and comparative philosophy, philosophy of action, philosophical psychology, and aesthetics.  

For more information, please visit his website.

Selected Publications

"The Tacit Rejection of Multiculturalism in American Philosophy Ph.D. Programs: The Case of Chinese Philosophy," Dao, vol. 14, no. 3, 2015

The Philosophical Challenge from China, MIT Press, 2015

"Action without Agency and Natural Human Action: Resolving a Double Paradox," in The Philosophical Challenge from China, 2015

"The Cognitive Science of Wu Wei" Journal of Chinese Philosophy and Culture, No. 9, 2011

Effortless Attention: A New Perspective in the Cognitive Science of Attention and Action, MIT Press, 2010

"The Rehabilitation of Spontaneity: A New Approach in Philosophy of Action" Philosophy East and West, 2010

"Education and Responsiveness: On the Agency of Intersubjectivity" in Educations and Their Purposes, 2008

"Review of Text and Ritual in Early China," China Review International, 2007/2008

"Schools that 'Flow,'" Education Week, 2006



Aesthetic Spontaneity: A Theory of Action Based on Affective Responsiveness

Recent Professional Presentations

"The Relation Between Three-Dimensional Wisdom and Perceived Stress: Findings from Cross-Linked Models (co-authored with Monika Ardelt), Society for the Study of Human Development, Austin, 2015

"Marcus Aurelius, Confucius, and the Elements of Wisdom: Preliminary Steps to a Theory of Wisdom Pedagogy," Third China-Greek International Academic Conference on Philosophy, Qufu, China, 2015

"Category Ontology in Comparative Philosophy: Vertical Integration, Wu-Wei, and Flow," American Philosophical Association Pacific Division Meeting, Vancouver, 2015

"What is Effortlessness?" Star Lecture Series, Eastern Michigan University, 2015

"Natural Human Action," Department of Philosophy, National Taiwan University, 2013

"Ziran, Wu Wei, and the Science of Effortless Attention: Putting Ancient Chinese Philosophy in a Contemporary Context" Center for Chinese Studies, University of Michigan, 2012

"Nature, Self, and Artifice: On the Divisibility of the Self in Action and Aesthetics" (2012 University of Michigan Tang Junyi Lecture) Center for Chinese Studies, University of Michigan, 2012

"Action and the Divisibility of the Self: Recent Psychological Evidence for a New Distinction"  Department of Philosophy, University of New Mexico, 2012

"Action and the Divisibility of the Self: Recent Psychological Evidence for a New Distinction" Department of Philosophy, Oakland University, 2011