Domestic Travel and Study-Abroad

The EMU Center for Jewish Studies is proud to be involved and offer many opportunities for students to learn and travel both domestically and internationally, with trips varying from New York, to D.C., to Israel.

Travel Courses

The Eastern Michigan University Center for Jewish Studies also supports a number of unique, faculty led, travel courses. In February 2023, Professor Emeritus of English Literature and Jewish Studies, Marty Shichtman, and Professor of Theater Arts, Pirooz Aghssa, took 17 students to New York to see Broadway shows, eat in delis, and talk to people involved in the entertainment industry for their “Jewish Identity and the American Theatre” class. 

In May, Professor Jesse Kauffman will lead 10 students to Eastern Europe for a class titled “The Holocaust in Poland,” where they will study the Nazi pursuit of ‘the final solution’ by visiting key sites and examining the way the memories of this terrible time have been memorialized and codified in post-war life. The Center for Jewish Studies partially subsidizes the cost of these travel courses to make them more affordable for EMU students.

The Michigan Consortium for Israel Studies

In June of 2023, with the support of an anonymous gift of $100,000, EMU spearheaded a coalition of Michigan colleges and universities (Albion College, Central Michigan U, University of Detroit-Mercy, Northern Michigan U, and Western Michigan U) to provide students with a truly innovative opportunity to study for a month at Tel Aviv University(TAU).

Lead by professors Marty Schichtman (EMU emeritus) and Jocelyn McWhirter (Albion), students took two classes (6 credits): one directed by Shichtman and McWhirter (“Imagining the Holy Land”) and one from a TAU professor (“City Lab: Experiencing Tel Aviv”). When not in class, the American faculty accompanied the students on a number of journeys exploring Israel. Thanks to the wonderful generosity of EMU Center for Jewish Studies donor,  Michael Levine, we are planning Israel Consortium experiences for 2025 and 2027.

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