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Monday, January 20, 2020

All sessions are on the third floor of the EMU Student Center. These programs are LBC-approved, meeting general education requirements. Find out more about the LBC program.

Youth Academic Sessions (9–11 a.m.)  

Sponsored by the College of Education as family-friendly programming for children and youth.



  • 6 Figures: Challenging Injustice through Performance Art (Room#: 310A)

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    Engaging with the 6 Figures actors, adolescents will learn basic dramaturgical and improvisational skills as they, along with 6 Figures students, perform narratives related to students’ experiences with injustices associated with racism, classism, and sexism.

    Session Presenters

    • Dr. Christopher Robbins, Faculty, College of Education
    • Dr. Anita Rich, Faculty, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Rising Up Through Reading (Room#: 310B)

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    Children, parents, and all interested attendees will participate in read-alouds and follow-up discussions of picture books connected to the day's theme. They will also create an artistic response to the book(s) to display in the College of Education.

    Session Presenters

    • Dr. Jacqueline LaRose, Faculty, College of Education

Lunch for Youth (11 a.m.–noon)

Academic Sessions

Session 1: 8:30-9:15 a.m.

  • What They Did Not Want Martin To Talk About: War and Militarism (Room#: 320)

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    The Veterans For Peace General Session stresses the importance of Dr. Kings teachings on militarism and war. In 1967, Dr. King’s famous speech, “Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence,” observed how unpopular speaking against militarism was. In the session we highlight speeches and thoughts of Dr. King on militarism and show how these teachings relate to the present day.

    Session Presenters
    • Bob Krzewinski, Military veteran and member of the local Chapter of Veterans For Peace
    • Bill Shea, Military veteran and member of the local Chapter of Veterans For Peace
  • "Speaking out, speaking up!" (Room#: 330) 

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    “Speaking out, speaking up!” encourages individuals to identify justices within their community, determine what they can do to combat this injustice in a peaceful manner, and provides participants with the opportunity to enact solutions in the session.

    Session Presenter
    • Hananiah Wiggins, Graduate Student, College of Arts & Sciences
  • The Case of the Missing Black Girls (Room#: 352 )

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    There are over 64,000 missing Black girls and women in America, yet you rarely hear about their cases. There are no amber alerts, no pictures on milk cartons, just families struggling to find their missing Black girls. This session will discuss the epidemic of Black women and girls in sex trafficking and inequalities they face in the criminal justice system.

    Session Presenters
    • Kyra Mitchell, Undergraduate Student, College of Business
    • Telor McClary, Undergraduate Student, College of Arts & Sciences
    • Kiera Osborn, Undergraduate Student, College of Education
    • Daryl Beatty, Undergraduate Student, College of Arts & Sciences
    • Alfred Sheffield, Undergraduate Student, College of Business

Break: 9:15–9:25 a.m.

Session 2: 9:25-10:10 a.m.

  • Digital Citizenship and Equity in K-12 Schools (Room#: 320 (9:25-9:45 a.m.)

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    An Ed Tech professor will remind participants that awareness of digital citizenship and digital equity will help students discover their voice in the digital world where so many are living today. In addition, he will sketch out some of the larger issues related to information equity and share some practical strategies to use.

    Session Presenter
    • Dr. Michael McVey, Faculty, College of Education
  • Good Neighbor Project: Connecting the Community Through Healing Justice (Room#: 320, 9:50-10:10 a.m.)

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    The Good Neighbor Project pairs people in prison with people outside in “co-mentorships” to develop long-term mentorships. Through correspondence co-mentors learn about accountability and supportive relationships, while shifting public perceptions about people serving life or long sentences. The project is rooted in a restorative and transformative justice framework carrying a message of redemption and second chances to the larger public.

    Session Presenters
    • Heather Mooney, Faculty, College of Arts & Sciences
    • Demetrius Titus, American Friends Service Committee
  • Environmental Injustice: Combating Pollution and Climate Change in Michigan Communities and Beyond (Room#: 330)

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    Environmental injustice is pervasive in society and harms underprivileged communities in our state and across the globe. As Dr. King said, “Somewhere we must make it clear that we are concerned about the survival of the world.” Audience members will learn about current environmental crises caused by pollution and global warming

    and brainstorm individual and collective strategies to combat them.

    Session Presenters
    • Dr. Amy Flanagan Johnson, Faculty, College of Arts & Sciences
    • Mary Bautista, Graduate Student, College of Arts & Sciences
    • Victoria Hill, Graduate Student, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Seeds of Disturbance: Responsive Frameworks to Interlocking Oppressions Faced by Students of Color with Dis/abilities (Room#: 350)

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    The unique socio-political position of students of color with dis/abilities creates barriers to inclusion and accelerated funneling through the School-to-Prison Pipeline as a result of the intersection of federal policies, race, and dis/ability. This presentation seeks to define and outline a multicomponent conceptual framework weaving elements of Disability Critical Race Studies, Ecocultural Theory, and Spacial Justice.

    Session Presenter
    • Cynthia Morgan, Graduate Student, College of Education, Brehm Scholar
  • EMU Sexual Misconduct Survey: An Intersectional Analysis (Room#: 352)

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    The EMU Campus Survey on Sexual Misconduct Culture preliminary report is under analysis. Title IX Research Committee will give an intersectional analysis of the data contained in this report. We discuss how survey respondents who are located at the intersections of gender, race, ethnicity, LGBTQ, and internationality appear to be impacted by sexual misconduct issues. Directions for campus sexual misconduct prevention will be discussed.

    Session Presenters
    • Dr. Solange Simoes, Faculty, College of Arts & Sciences
    • Dr. Marilyn Corsianos, Faculty, College of Arts & Sciences
    • Dr. Kate Mehuron, Faculty, College of Arts & Sciences

Break: 10:10-10:20 a.m.

Session 3: 10:20-11:05 a.m.

  • EMU Diversity Campus Climate Assessment: Community Report (Room#: 320) 

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    EMU students, faculty, staff, and community members responded to the Diversity Campus Climate Assessment Survey in Fall 2019, recorded their stories, and took part in Town Halls to share their concerns. Integral to the process is community engagement and participation to discuss results and next action steps to address the feedback as an institution. We invite you to rise up.

    Session Presenters
    • Dr. Devika Dibya Choudhuri, Faculty, College of Education
    • Catherine Lilly, External Consultant, Sibson Consulting
    • Dr. Steven Bryant, Director of Diversity & Community Involvement, Chair of the President's Commission for Diversity & Inclusion
    • Ethan Smith, President, EMU Student Government
  • Black men succeeding in college (Room#: 330) 

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    A presentation of the qualitative research results with 21 academically successful Black men who were enrolled in historically White universities in southeastern Michigan. The men describe their early exposure to higher education, expectations, and experiences entering and enduring in college. Their resilience is remarkable in the face of many challenges. They shared recommendations for supporting the success of all students.

    Session Presenter
    • Dr. Regina George, Director, Pathways for Future Educators, College of Education
  • The Injustices of Unearned Privilege and our Health (Room#: 350)

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    Improvements in life expectancy and health outcomes are for some but not all in America. Despite more than twenty years of public health efforts to reduce racial disparities for nearly all health outcomes, disparities remain.  This interactive presentation will challenge participants to recognize how unearned privileges affect the systems at the root of these health disparities.

    Session Presenters
    • Dr. Megan Sterling, Public Health Education Faculty, College of Health & Human Services
    • Jason Talley, Undergraduate Student, College of Health & Human Services & Eta Sigma Gamma Member
    • Christopher Casillas, Undergraduate Student, College of Health & Human Services and Eta Sigma Gamma Member
  • My Encounter with Rosa Parks and How It's Impacted My Life (Room#: 352 )

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    This session will share my interactions with the late Rosa Parks while Student Body President at Eastern Michigan University during 1981-1982.  As part of the then "Humanitarian Days" event (MLK celebration back then), I will share our conversation about her decision to not to move to the back of the bus and its profound effect it's had on my life.

    Session Presenters: Mark S. Lee, Guest Lecturer/Adjunct, College of Business

We would like to recognize the Academic Programs Committee Members for their work to put together an excellent schedule of programs. The Committee includes: 

  • Fadwa Ashur - Undergraduate Student
  • April Calkovsky - University Advising and Career Development Office
  • Calvin McFarland - Academic Services
  • Christine Deacons - Holman Success Center
  • Marko Delic - Academic Success Partnerships
  • Julia Heck - Ombuds Office and Committee Chair
  • Carolyn Pavlovic - Graduate Student
  • Nicholas Pomante - Office of Wellness and Community Responsibility
  • Lucas Schacht - Graduate Student

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