The Color of Drums Poetry Celebration

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2021 TCOD Theme: Silence is Criminal

Friday, January 15, 2021

7:15–9 p.m.  This event will premiere on EMU's Facebook page.

The Color of Drums (TCOD) is an annual show hosted by The EMU Poetry Society where acting and poetry collide on stage. This is TCOD's 20th annual MLK Celebration show. The show entails multiple skits performed by the Poetry Society as it relates to common topics throughout today's society, revolving around social justice.

*Disclaimer: Some content in this show may not be suitable for young children

In TCOD, the Poetry Society of Eastern Michigan University challenges stereotypes, breaks down barriers and expresses untold stories through a series of scenes, intertwining various messages with poems. 

2021 TCOD Program Scenes 

  • Pandemic 
  • Power in the Tongue
  • Who Gonna Check Me
  • Unemployment
  • A Night in the Streets 
Students perform in the color of drums show.
Students perform in the color of drums show.


EMU's Poetry Society Celebrates 20 Years

The EMU Poetry Society is a family poetry organization that was founded at Eastern Michigan University in 2001. The Poetry Society has worked to create a campus environment where talented student poets can cultivate and perfect their artistry while making positive contributions to the campus community through various events. A prime example is "The Color of Drums" show, a long-standing feature of Eastern's annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration.

The mission of the Poetry Society is to give the student body of Eastern Michigan University an outlet to freely express themselves through the use of performance and productive interaction. Inclusive studies, public performance and community serve are the key fundamentals of this organization. 

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