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Dance Auditions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I wear to the audition?

    Conservative dance attire is requested. Leotards, tights (that are either footless or convertible), and unitards are all appropriate. No baggy clothing, jazz pants, skirts or any other clothing that obscures the body lines. Women with longer hair should attach their hair to their head in a secure up-do (bun, twist, etc).

  • What kind of shoes do I need to bring with me?

    You will need to bring ballet slippers, jazz shoes and have access to bare feet for the modern portion of the audition. No pointes shoes or tap shoes are needed.

  • The audition consists of what types of dance?

    The audition begins with an intermediate level ballet barre followed by a center pirouette combination. Then, you will be given a modern combination and possible improvisation for the modern portion. The audition will conclude with a classical jazz combination.

  • Do I need to prepare anything ahead of time for the audition?

    Each student will perform a 2-3 minute solo for a panel of faculty, immediately following the technical portion of the audition. The dance should be choreographed by the student and may be in the modern dance, ballet, jazz, or hip-hop genre. Please wear your audition attire for the performance (no costumes). Your music should be the only music selection on a CD, clearly labeled with your name and the title of your solo.

  • If I have never had any dance training, could I still be a dance major or minor?

    No. We are assuming that you have been training in dance prior to attending EMU and have, at the minimum, intermediate proficiency in ballet and jazz and beginning level proficiency in modern dance. If you are a beginner, we do offer a large range of non-major classes in ballet, modern, jazz, tap, hip-hop, and pilates for all students who just want to study dance during the college years. Some of these beginner level courses count for general education credit as well. Dance majors/minors take different, higher-level technique classes.

  • Do you place all incoming majors/minors in the same technique level?

    At the audition, you will be assessed as to whether you will be accepted as a major/minor and what technique level would be appropriate for you. We offer four levels of major/minor technique levels in ballet and modern. Students are placed into technique classes according to their ability level; so all students progress in the appropriate technique classes.

  • Do I need to know what dance major track I want to do at the time of the audition?

    No. Many students have an idea of which track (pre-dance therapy, studio management and performance) but it is not required. Many students switch tracks or declare tracks upon embarking on the dance major. It is not uncommon for students to switch tracks multiple times before deciding what is best for them. Sometimes it is best to attend dance classes at EMU for a while before deciding.

  • What if I cannot come to one of the audition dates but I still want to audition?

    You will need to contact a dance faculty member to set up an alternative audition dates/times. Alternative dates/times are typically Monday through Thursday during our regular major/minor technique level classes. You will be taking a full 1.5 hour ballet class and a full 1.5 hour modern class alongside our current dance major/minors. Dance faculty who are teaching those courses will be assessing you in the audition.

  • What about dance scholarships? Do I have to do anything special to be considered?

    All students who audition for dance major/minor status are automatically considered for scholarships. Dance faculty choose outstanding students in the auditions to recommend for dance scholarships. Students are then individually contacted after the audition notifying them if they are offered a scholarship. To qualify for a scholarship, students must be incoming students who intend to be dance majors. There are no scholarships for dance minors at this time.

  • When do I get the audition results?

    Students will be mailed a letter within ten business days of the audition notifying them of their acceptance status and if accepted, what dance technique courses they have been placed into. Students must bring that acceptance letter with them for any university advising sessions. Incoming dance majors/minors are only required to register for the courses stated on the acceptance letter.

  • Do I get an advisor after I am accepted as a dance major/minor?

    Not right away. Incoming dance majors/minors are required to register for the courses stated on the acceptance letter and then, fill out the rest of the schedule with general education courses. If students are transfer students will only two years at EMU till graduation, then, you need to contact a dance faculty member who can advise you on a one time only basis. After students arrive on campus and are officially enrolled the dance program, then all students are assigned a permanent dance faculty advisor who meets each semester face-to-face with the major/minor student until the student graduates. Dance major/minor students are seen by tenured or tenure-track faculty only for their advising and 100% of our students receive individual advising sessions every semester.

  • Am I permitted to re-audition for the dance program?

    Students are allowed to audition for admission into the Dance Program, Department of Music & Dance, a maximum of two times. If a student is not admitted after the second audition, he/she may not audition again. Given sufficient, extenuating circumstance, a dance faculty member may make a request to the Department Head to allow a student to audition more than two times.

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