About this Program

This minor is designed to help students understand the historical, physical, economic, social, and political development of U.S. cities and suburbs, where more than 80 percent of Americans live. Cities have been at the center of change in America from the Revolution to industrialization, suburban growth and growing racial division after World War II, and the resurgence of many central cities in this century. Knowledge of this urban context is an excellent complement to many majors.

The minor aims to help students understand urban development, analyze ways to address urban problems, enhance their skills for working and living in urban America, and equip them to participate in shaping the future of their communities. A single course or discipline is not sufficient for these tasks, but a minor like this can provide an integrated focus by drawing on courses from multiple departments, primarily in the social sciences and humanities, along with an internship in an urban setting.


The following faculty created the minor in 2019 and serve as its Steering Committee.

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