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Environmental Health & Safety

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Training and Exercises

An important step in preparing to respond to emergency situations is to conduct drills and exercises.

A drill tests a single procedural operation. The regular testing of EMU's emergency notification system is  categorized as a drill. Reports on the outcome of these drills are available by contacting the Emergency Management Office.

Exercises are another key component of university preparedness. Exercises are intended to assess and evaluate the efforts of key stakeholders. EMU Emergency Management conducts an annual exercise to test identified emergency response plans and capabilities. These exercises bring together key decision makers to determine how best to safeguard the campus community, including decisions on whether to evacuate the campus or shelter in place.

Each exercise concludes with the development of an After-Action Report (AAR) based on participant and evaluator feedback. The AAR provides an overview of what activities went well and the areas recommended for improvement. Copies of completed exercise after-action reports are available by contacting the EMU Emergency Management Office.

Please feel free to explore the trainings on this site.  If you don't see what you're looking for, please call or email us.  We will be happy to customize a training program or plan an exercise with you.