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Supplier Registration

General Registration

All Suppliers:

Your firm must register as a supplier within to participate in the RFP response process with EMU.

Please complete the following two (2) step process:

  1. Please go to and register your company in the FREE REGISTRATION (lower right portion of the home page). Upon completion of this registration, you will receive an email confirmation from Public Purchase that your company is registered as a vendor in the site.
    • You may try to login in prior to receiving this email with the Username and Password that you created.  If you are able to login, your website registration is active.
  2. You will need to register as a vendor with EMU. Click on this link will see this link on your confirmation with Public Purchase) and enter the username and password that you created during registration. Please login with your created user name and password. 
    • Please follow from your welcome email Step # 2 II titled “Searching Agencies“ and #3 titled “Registering with an Agency” and follow the steps to complete. will send an email confirming your registration as vendor of EMU. You have completed the process and will be ready to respond to RFP,RFI, RFQ proposals for EMU.

Please note that registration is a two-step process. Unless you complete all steps, your company will not be able to bid on this site for future Request for Proposals, Quote or Information.

If you experience problems, please click on the Chat button (in the upper left of the Public Purchase webpage for assistance.) Your company can also call 801.932.7000 for customer service. Explain that you are attempting to register with EMU

Please complete the following two (2) step process: