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Proposal Development and Submission

Project Director’s Handbook

Writing a proposal that will be competitive for funding takes time and effort and requires the involvement of many people across campus.

It requires that:

  • The project is based on a clearly conceived idea that meets the sponsors interests;
  • All resources and supports necessary are identified and an initial budget that can be shared internally is prepared and shared;
  • Commitments to utilize EMU resources are obtained;
  • A well-written, easy-to-read, concise project narrative is drafted, and if possible, provided to others for review and comment;
  • An application packet that complies with the sponsor’s guidelines is prepared;
  • The draft proposal and all of its ancillary parts (i.e., biographical sketches, other support forms, reference section, letters of support, etc.) are entered into Cayuse for routing, review, and approvals by the department head/school director, dean, and all other parties providing resources to the project;
  • The proposal, budget, budget narrative, and application package is finalized and prepared for submission; and
  • The application package is submitted on time and error free.

The ORDA Handbook for Proposal Writers and Project Directors provides helpful and useful information about the process for writing competitive funding proposals, including an explanation of the major components of a typical proposal, and the preparation of budgets, and evaluation sections. It also explains the various review processes used by Sponsors and how that may affect your strategy for writing a proposal.


EMU uses Cayuse Research Suite, a web-based system that supports the management of proposal and award information, as well as, provides an S2S capability for submitting federal funding proposals:

  • Cayuse SP module is Cayuse SP is available to all PIs and Co-PIs, department heads, deans, and other administrative personnel. ORDA uses Cayuse SP to route all proposals for review and approval prior to submission.
  • Cayuse 424, which ORDA uses to apply for federal funding; it will help ensure a successful submission the first time, without the warnings and errors that often arise with the federal system.

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