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Proposal Narrative

After you have identified your possible funding source and read their guidelines carefully, the next step is to write a proposal. Because competition is stiff, you need to produce a proposal that closely matches the interests of the funding agency and is written in a confident and professional fashion.

Producing a good proposal is really an exercise in effective persuasive writing. No matter how often you may have written successful proposals for support of some kind, whether internal or external, it is always good to see what a proposal is, what goes into it, and what it is expected to accomplish.

A proposal is a statement of purpose that is presented for acceptance. It intends to persuade that person to fund your project.

  •  It states the problem, or analyzes the situation.
  •  It offers a plan with clearly stated goals, objectives, and strategies for solving the problem.
  •  It makes a plea for the resources needed to accomplish the plan.
  •  It demonstrates probable success; that is, it shows that you are capable of doing what you say you will. It offers a pledge that you will show by certain specified measures that you have accomplished what you said you would.

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