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Center Stage 7-9-15

EMU hosts (USPTO)On June 11, 2015 Eastern Michigan University hosted the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  A group of 8 Patent Examiners from the Coatings unit (art unit 1715; class 427 Coating Processes and art 1716; class 118 Coating Apparatus) were on campus.  

The plan came together at a time when the USPTO has sought to expand their efforts to connect, and educate USPTO examiners in their assigned art unit or technology-specific field.  The visit occurred when the Office of Research and Development at EMU answered the USPTO’s call for help.  Through outreach efforts from ORD a 3 day Michigan tour of business and University technology was orchestrated.  The Examiners made a tour of EMU labs and the Coatings and Research Institute while on campus.  

At the College of Technology they met Dr. Vijay Mannari, expert in polymers and coatings research.  He led the Examiners in technical discussions about the industry and demonstrated a technique for applying a coating in the lab.  The group also found interest in the equipment used to measure and test various materials.  

The Examiners seem to appreciate having access and input from an expert in the field.  It was an opportunity for them to see firsthand the technology many of them only read about in the patent applications they examine.

As they travel back to Alexandria, VA they will leave with a sense of just how awesome Eastern Michigan University and its faculty really are. Thank you Dr. Mannari for being the face of EMU to the USPTO. 

For Faculty that would like to become more involved with the USPTO check out PETTP Technology Fairs.  If you are interested in participating as a guest presenter, please submit an interest form.   

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