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Events & Deadlines

May 20, 2019


P.I. Picnic; June 12, 11:30-2:00, EMU Lakehouse

The Office of Research Development and Administration is hosting a Principal Investigator’s Picnic to celebrate the successes of EMU P.I.’s who received grants in the past year. Be on the lookout for a Paperless Post invitation in your email!



EMU Surplus Deficit Report

Last week Business and Finance began distributing a financial report called the “Surplus Deficit Report”. This report was not intended to provide financial information about grants (R-7 and C-7 funds) but was inadvertently sent to PIs. Please disregard this report while B&F revises the distribution schedule.


The ORDA Grant Financial Summary is distributed by email each month on the 15th to PIs and provides easy to digest information on grant and cost share funds. The subject line for the monthly Grant Financial Summary reads, “Grant Financial Summary_Partial Grant Title_Fund Number”. Please develop the practice of reviewing this information each month and contact Brian Moynihan in ORDA if more detailed information is needed, or if you prefer the report in Excel format.


Heads Up!

Environmental Protection Agency, Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

EPA expects to soon issue a Request for Applications (RFA) to solicit applications from eligible entities for grants and/or cooperative agreements to be awarded pursuant to the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI). Once released, applicants will have approximately 45 days to respond to the RFA. This pre-announcement is intended to alert potential applicants. This RFA is EPA’s major competitive grant funding opportunity under GLRI for FY 2019 and FY 2020. Under this RFA, EPA expects to award a total of approximately $14 million for about 30 projects in 5 categories addressing agricultural and non-agricultural nonpoint source and nearshore health issues. It is not anticipated that EPA will offer funding opportunities for these categories again in FY 2020.



Department of Energy, Advanced Building Construction with Energy Efficient Technologies and Practices

Notice seeking applications to develop innovative and advanced technologies designed to maximize energy efficiency while being economical, practicable, and appealing; leverage buildings capabilities to better respond to the grid; and encourage productive partnerships to overcome technical and other challenges. Three funding priorities areas include: 1) Integrated Building Retrofitting; 2) New Construction Technologies; and 3) Advanced Technology Integration.


Next Deadline: Concept papers June 10, 2019; full proposals August 8, 2019


Department of Defense, Minerva Research Initiative

Notice seeking individual and team applications to research a total of nine broad social science themes (Minerva Topics) that deepen fundamental understanding of the social and cultural forces shaping U.S. strategic interests globally. FY 19 Minerva topics include: Peer/Near-peer Statecraft, Influence, and Regional Balance of Power; Power, Deterrence, and Escalation Management; Alliances and Burden Sharing; Economic Interdependence and Security; Economic Viability, Resilience, and Sustainability of Logistics Infrastructure; Multi-Domain Behavioral Complexity and Computational Social Modeling; Autonomy, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Ethics, and Social Interactions; Models and Methods for Understanding Covert Online Influence; and Automated Cyber Vulnerability Analysis.


Next Deadline: White papers June 20, 2019; full proposals September 26, 2019


American Musicological Society, Subventions for Publications, Awards, and Research and Travel Grants

Supports individuals with expenses involved in the publication of works of musical scholarship. Goal is to defray costs not covered by publishers. Proposals that utilize newer technologies are encouraged. AMS Subventions for Publications awards range from $500 to $2,500 each (annual deadline: 2/15, 8/15). AMS 75 Subventions provide up to $5,000 for first books from early career scholars (annual deadlines: 2/15, 8/15). Various awards for outstanding research and publications in music (annual deadlines: 5/1, 8/15). Also provides small Travel and Research Grants (annual deadlines: 4/1, 6/1, 8/15).


Next Deadline: June 1, 2019; various deadlines, see website


The Mocking Bird Foundation

Supports music education, primarily for children. Projects may encourage expression in all musical forms. Preference for projects for disadvantaged children 18 years or younger (those with low skills, income, with disabilities, and/or in foster care, and hospitals). May also target college students, instructors, or adult students. Awards (up to $10,000) are for instruments, texts, materials, learning and performance space, and teachers.


Next Deadline: August 1, 2019


Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Conference Grants Program (R13)

Supports planned conferences that help further AHRQ's mission to produce evidence to make health care safer, higher quality, more accessible, equitable and affordable, and to work with HHS and other partners to make sure that the evidence is understood and used. Provides up to $50K/annually in direct costs for conferences on issues relevant to health services research, such as: research development; research design and methodology; dissemination and implementation; and research training, infrastructure and career development.


Next Deadline: August 1, 2019


National Science Foundation, Smart and Connected Communities

Supports strongly interdisciplinary, integrative research and research capacity-building activities that will improve understanding of smart and connected communities and lead to discoveries that enable sustainable change to enhance community functioning. Proposals must meaningfully integrate across both social and technological research dimensions, and should include community engagement elements.


Next Deadline: August 6, 2019 (required LOI); September 6, 2019 (full proposal)


National Endowment for the Humanities, Public Humanities Projects

Supports planning (up to $75,000) and implementation (up to $400,000) of public humanities projects through three types of grants: Community Conversations Grants, 1-3 year series of events and community-wide discussion; Exhibitions Grants, supporting traveling or permanent exhibitions; and Historic Places Grants, which support the interpretation of historic sites, houses, neighborhoods, and regions. Also supports positions for graduate students to work on the projects.


Next Deadline: August 14, 2019


Sociological Initiatives Foundation, Action Research Projects

The Sociological Initiatives Foundation supports social change by linking research to social action. It funds research projects that investigate laws, policies, institutions, regulations, and normative practices that may limit equality in the United States and Puerto Rico. It gives priority to projects that seek to address racism, xenophobia, classism, gender bias, exploitation, or the violation of human rights and freedoms. It also supports research that furthers language learning and behavior and its intersection with social and policy questions.


Next Deadline: August 16, 2019


Russell Sage Foundation, Research and Scholar Programs

Supports research in the social sciences. Presidential Awards of up to $35,000 and Project Awards from $35,000 to $175,000 support basic social science research to improve social policies. Program areas include: Future of Work; and Behavioral Economics.


Next Deadline: August 19, 2019

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