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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I call when there is a maintenance emergency?

  • Call the Physical Plant customer service desk at 734-487-1000


How do I obtain a work request for services?

  • A non-emergency work request should be placed through our ticket system found here.


I have a question about keys.

  • How many keys may I order per request?
    • Requester(s) will fill out a Key Request Form (one key per person) for areas which they have a business related need to access.


  • Who picks up the requested key?
    • The person who is on the form as the "Key Holder Name" is the one who picks the key up and signs as the key holder unless the Key Coordinator is specified on the Key Request form


  • Where do I go to pick up my key?
    • Go to the Central Operations - Key Distribution. Located off Oakwood on Structure Drive, 1st floor of parking structure.


  • What hours are you available?
    • We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM - 12:00PM, 1:00PM - 5:00PM.


  • If I lose my key is there a fine?
    • Yes, there is a fee of $25 to replace your key.


  • May I sign my own key request if I am an authorizing authority for my department?
    • No one can authorize keys for themselves. Key holder and authorizing authority names should never be the same. You must have the Director of department sign for you.


  • If I'm a director and need a key do I sign as an authorizing authority?
    • No one can authorize keys themselves. Key holder and authorizing authority names should never be the same. You will need your supervisor to sign for this key to be ordered.


  • Can graduate Assistants from departments have keys ordered for them?
    • Yes. Follow the same guidelines as Key Request Form. The department will submit your key request to the Central Operations - Key Distribution office.


  • I am leaving EMU and need to return my keys. What do I do?
    • You will need to bring them to the Central Operations - Key Distribution office located on the 1st floor of the parking structure. We will issue you a Clearance Form and that you returned your keys. 


  • May I order more than one file, cabinet, or padlock key per request?
    • Yes. More than one file key, cabinet key, or padlock key, may be ordered on a Key Request Form.


  • How do I get a lock change and/or a key change?
    • Lock changes must be requested through the a service request. The new key following the lock change will need to be requested using the Key Request Form. One key per Key Holder.


Whom do I call about charges/fees applied to a department's account for work requests?

  • Questions about charges and fees to a department's account should be directed to Accounting at 487-0082


How are work requests prioritized?

  • Emergencies are handled first, then in the order they are received and based on work load


Where can I find official building names/numbers/addresses?
  • Building information can be found here.


Where do I report a broken control/gate for an EMU parking lot?

  • Broken parking controls or gates should be reported to Public Safety at 487-1222


May I contact/contract off-campus vendors for maintenance or alterations?

  • Off-campus vendors are not to be contacted directly. Please contact the Physical Plant for maintenance or construction services.


How do I find the hours a specific building is open?

  • Building hours may be obtained from Public Safety at 487-1222


Who cleans my building?

  • The Physical Plant may be reached at 487-1000 for questions about specific issues.


Who replaces burned out light bulbs?

  • Light bulbs and tubes are routinely replaced by custodial staff. If your light is not promptly replaced you may call the Physical Plant at 487-1000.


Who maintains the temperature in my building?

  • Call the Physical Plant to report an issue with building or room temperature.


Who is responsible for dumpsters?

  • The Physical Plant oversees campus dumpsters which are emptied on a regular basis. Call 487-1000 to order a dumpster or to report a problem.


Whom do I contact about parking?

  • The Parking Department. You can visit their web site or call them at 487-3450


Whom do I contact about snow removal?

  • All requests for snow removal and de-icing are handled by Physical Plant grounds group. Please call 487-1000 to report unsafe conditions during regular office hours and 487-1222 during off hours and on weekends.


How do I find campus telephone numbers?

  • Call information at 487-INFO (4636) or click here for a directory.


How do I apply for a job at the Physical Plant?

  • Physical Plant jobs are posted at the EMU Jobs web site. To inquire about student positions please call the Physical Plant at 487-3591.


What if I'm planning an event?

The Physical Plant Grounds and Custodial Department recommends adhering to the following for a successful campus event:



• Physical Plant is to be notified at least ten days prior to any event. Please call 487-1000 to provide event logistics information, as well as to provide a contact name and phone number.
• The Department of Public safety is to be notified of all events. Please call 487-0892 to provide event logistics information, as well as a contact name and phone number.


Staffing Considerations

• Cleaning staff must be properly trained in chemical use, cleaning technique, safety and personal protective equipment
• Staff must be aware of procedures for calling in work orders
• Emergency call in list of available staff should be maintained to assure adequate staffing levels
• Determine in advance of an event any electrical, plumbing, elevator, or carpentry needs you may have.


Grounds Procedures

• Parking lots, sidewalks and entrances must be snow- and ice free (winter events)
• Parking areas and surrounding grounds must be litter-free 
• Cigarette butts must be swept up from doorways and ash urns to sifted and maintained
• Adjacent exterior trash cans must be emptied and maintained


Custodial Procedures

• Restrooms must be sanitized prior to event and patrolled throughout
• One male and one female staff member must be on hand to patrol restrooms, assuring proper stock levels and maintaining cleanliness.
• Seating areas must be straightened, and any surfaces kept free of debris/spills
• Floors should be free of debris/spills
• Entryways and hallways should be free of debris/spills
• White/chalk boards should be cleaned prior to event
• Custodians should have an event contact person
• Custodian should be readily identifiable


Waste Collection and Disposal Considerations

• Adequate interior/exterior trash cans must be available and maintained
• Filled trash bags must be properly disposed of and taken to pre-approved locations


Service requirements vary, and are dependent upon the nature, size, and length of event; the presence of food and/or beverages, the location, etc. Costs: contact 487-1000 for current rates for the Custodial and Grounds services and disposable trash receptacle. A Zone Manager from the Physical Plant can assist with event preparation, and can be reached by calling 487-1000.


I need more information

Contact the Physical Plant:

Physical Plant
Eastern Michigan University
875 Ann St.
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Phone: 734-487-1000
Fax: 734-487-8680