Corrie Baldauf

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Associate Professor

2D Media; Foundations

406-D - Sherzer


[email protected]


Cranbrook Academy of Art, MFA



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Artist's Statement

Reading the book at the bottom of this stack was difficult. It was as if I forgot how to read. Remembering how to read is something like remembering how to have new ideas.

When I started adding color tabs to books, it wasn't to make art, it was an attempt to focus and read carefully. It worked. It worked so well, between page forty-two and seventy-four, I knew I could stop adding tabs to the pages. Continuing made the process start to look like art. 

Continuing any particular task is not automatically considered to be an art form that results in an art object. This might be why there is something in a history book that will surprise each of us. This might be why stealing is as contentious as a book being read. Awareness and art are more about action occurring around an object than the objects themselves.