Camilla McComb

A photo of Camilla McComb

Associate Professor

K-12 Art Education

116 - Ford

[email protected]


M.A., Art Education, Miami University
Ph.D., Department of Art Education, Pennsylvania State University


Associate Professor of Visual Arts Education Dr. Cam McComb is an artist/researcher/teacher committed to exploring the intersections between art making and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Her doctoral dissertation, Think, Record, Reveal: Studio Process Assessment and the Artistic Thinking it Reveals focused on pre-adolescents’ ability to self-regulate their own artistic thinking practices (2010, Pennsylvania State University). This research launched her interest in finding authentic strategies for documenting, assessing, talking about, and representing artistic thinking strategies to others. 

Dr. Cam is currently finalizing two IRB approved studies: 

  1. Ideation-to-Implementation: Examining the Effectiveness of Preservice Art Teachers' Modified-Choice Lesson Plans When Implemented in Authentic Classroom Settings. A study funded through an EMU Faculty Research Fellowship.

  2. Learning to Demonstrate Artistic Practice to Others: An Action Model for Thinking & Learning.

In 2018 Dr. Cam founded the Instructional Design Collaborative (IDC), an intergenerational professional learning community committed to helping preservice-practicing art educators to design professional development practices that meet their everyday needs. 

Her photographs Archetype Construction S-A2 and Painting the Fantasy S-F19e were taken on site in a Southeast Michigan suburban elementary school as part of the Ideation-to-Implementation research.