Danny R.W. Baskin

A photo of Danny Baskin

Gallery Program Director


106 - Ford


Master's in Sculpture, University of Arkansas

BFA, Maryland Institute College of Art



Danny R.W. Baskin is an artist and organizer originally from Arkansas, now living in Michigan. Baskin co-founded FEAST gallery in 2016 and has most recently worked as Museum Manager at 21c Museum and Project Manager at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Northwest Arkansas. In the past, Baskin has worked as lead curator, project manager, and creative facilitator for multiple nationally respected art institutions and organizations and his writing has been published in numerous catalogs, regional art publications, and didactic materials. Outside of these pursuits, Baskin is an artist and furniture maker, holding a master’s degree in sculpture from the University of Arkansas and bachelors in fine art from the Maryland Institute College of Art.