Undergraduate Majors(s) and Minor(s) Declaration Form

*Required Fields: Failure to fill in or answer required fields may result in receiving no response to your submission. It may take up to 14 business days to change your major within our system. If you have not received an e-mail response within 14 business days, please contact the Office of Records and Registration at 734.487.4111.

Note: For second admission programs, we are only able to process "intent" majors. Please see your academic department for second admit requirements. Your current major on record is viewable through your my.emich account under the "Student" tab, "Student Services," "Student Record," and on the top of the page under "Academic Transcript." We encourage you to meet with an advisor in your chosen academic area as soon as possible.

NOTE: If admitted to the College of Education, please visit the COE change of major/minor form.

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