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Headshot of Dr. Jie Cao
Dr. Jie Cao
Headshot of Dr. Jie Cao

Dr. Jie Cao

About Dr. Jie Cao

Dr. Jie Cao is an associate professor at the GameAbove College of Engineering & Technology. He has been at EMU for five years and teaches in the School of Information Security & Applied Computing (SISAC). Dr. Cao is also the graduate program coordinator for the master's degree in Cybersecurity

Purpose of Teaching

Dr. Cao has a passion for sharing knowledge with others. His inspiration comes from his Ph.D. advisor, Dr. Weisong Shi, who is a very successful researcher and an excellent teacher. He also pulls motivation from his students. Unlike some traditional disciplines, cyber security is developed by solving problems from the real world. As the instructor, Dr. Cao always encourages students to find the beauty of making the world better by applying the knowledge they have learned. He believes the interests in the classes eventually prepare students for leadership roles in both academia and industrial positions, as well as lead to the development of novel technologies to improve lives. 

Research Agenda/Fields of Study

Dr. Cao teaches ISAC240 - Introduction to Cryptanalysis and Generic Attacks and IA385, Database & Web Application Security. Dr. Cao's research interests lie primarily in Edge Computing, Autonomous vehicles, and Smart Homes. The research conducted at the College can benefit the students and the University in several prospectives such as building new courses, seeking external funding, enabling interdisciplinary collaboration, publishing papers, and even training students.

To view the full list of publications by Dr. Cao, visit his EMU faculty profile

Professional/Academic goals while at EMU

Goals for students

  • Continue to prepare students to become the leaders needed in cyber security for multiple industries. 

Goals for the program

Favorite thing about the College of Engineering and Technology

Since Dr. Cao's first day at the College, he's always mentioned to others that the people who work here are friendly! The faculty and colleagues are always willing to help each other, and the senior faculties take good care of the juniors.

Advancement of Engineering and Technology in 10 years

In 10 years, Dr. Cao foresees vehicles will advance from E-powered to AI-powered, and the potential to start building the ecosystem for the vehicles, just like what has been accomplished in history for computers and smartphones.

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