EMU Army ROTC Program Benefits

Financial Aid

EMU's ROTC is one of the best ways to reduce or even eliminate your college costs and graduate with a guaranteed job and extra money!


The Eagle Battalion has numerous scholarships from 1.5 to 4 years in length, that can be used for either undergraduate or even graduate degrees! 


The simultaneous membership program provides a great leadership opportunity with added financial benefits!

Leadership Experiences

EMU ROTC allows students to develop their personal leadership styles in various scenarios to prepare them for success upon graduation.

Roosevelt Gym

The Eagle BN has its own gym and fitness center for any type of workout.

Career Paths

EMU ROTC Cadets can pursue multiple career paths in 17 different fields regardless of their major.

Alumni Network

EMU's ROTC has many up and coming leaders throughout our nation and many others that have reached the pinnacle of their fields!