The EMU Aviation Programs (Aviation Flight Technology and Aviation Management Technology) are both accredited by the Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI)

Program Educational Goals

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    • Analyze empirical data for informed policy and procedure decision-making
    • Engage with the air transport industry in a professionally appropriate manner
    • Understand the trends that shaped the past and present of the air transport industry and apply that understanding to better prepare themselves for the future of aviation
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    ● Strive for human potential through the use of a collegiate education
    ● Empower individuals with essential skills to cultivate and nurture a safety-centric culture within the aviation industry.
    ● Inculcate graduates with exceptional aviation technical skills
    ● Facilitate the establishment of a strong groundwork for the ongoing utilization of aviation technology.
    ● Upon completing the Aviation Flight Technology program, students will obtain their Commercial Pilot license, in addition to either their multi-engine add-on or Certified Flight Instructor ratings, ensuring a comprehensive skill set upon graduation.
  • Aviation Management Technology Expand dropdown
    ● Enhance students’ business and management skills.
    ● Engage with the aviation industry in a professionally appropriate way
    ● Develop students’ communication skills, including written and oral communication skills.
    ● Offer students a thorough understanding of the aviation industry’s structure, trends, challenges, and prospects to better prepare themselves for the future of aviation