Initial Flight Training Application

This application and requirements listed on this page are not for admission to EMU or into the Aviation Flight Technology Program.

To complete this application, you must already be accepted into both EMU and the Aviation Flight Technology Program.


The following application is used to request a flight spot to start flight training at Eastern Michigan University. 

Note: This is the initial application and is only to be used by students who are new to flight training at EMU. Students who are requesting a flight spot after completing their existing rating must do so through the FlyingEagles.Online portal.


Academic Requirements

Current EMU Students:
  • Minimum of 2.8 Cumulative EMU GPA and 3.0 in all Aviation Courses
Transfer Students:
  • Minimum of 3.0 transfer GPA
Current EMU Students:
  • Minimum of 3.0 high school GPA

Note: To maintain a flight spot at EMU, you must maintain the minimum GPA requirements listed under the "Current EMU Students" section.


FAA Medical Requirements

  • You must hold an FAA First Class medical at the time of your application
  • A copy of your first class medical must be uploaded with your application to continue
  • A first class medical may currently hold third class privileges if the first class time period has passed as long as it was originally issued as a first class medical.


FAA Pilot Certificate Transfer

Private Pilot Certificate Held
  • You must upload a copy of your PPL with your application to be accepted
  • EMU WILL NOT accept the transfer of any certificate over the PPL towards course credit.
Currently Working on Private Pilot Certificate
  • You must submit a copy of your PPL by the application deadline listed below to receive course transfer credit for your PPL (AVFO170, AVFO175a, AVFO175b).
  • If your PPL is not received prior to the application deadline, you must enroll for the courses listed above.
  • You may request to complete your Private Pilot Certificate at EMU by taking our Private Pilot courses.


Flight Training Application

NOTE: This application is not for admission into the Aviation Flight Technology Program. These applications are for the desired semester that you would like to request a flight spot to start flight training at EMU. You may only use the applications listed below if you have been accepted into EMU and the Aviation Flight Technology Program.

Click on the button below to select the semester you would like to begin flight training at EMU.


Fall 2024 Flight Application - Application open until June 30, 2024


Winter 2024 Flight Application - Application Closed


Fall 2023 Flight Application- Application Closed