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The Engineering and Technology Workforce Education (ETWE) program is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide teacher education candidates (Michigan TE teaching endorsement) with a comprehensive and technical educational experience while creating opportunities to develop the analytical, critical thinking, and reflective thinking practices required of professional educators.

The program involves two Colleges at EMU: the GameAbove College of Engineering and Technology (CET), as well as the College of Education (COE). In the CET, the School of Technology and Professional Services Management (STPSM) will house the core of the program and offer degree-specific courses following degree requirements. Also, in the CET, the School of Engineering Technology will provide the comprehensive technical courses required for an engineering and technology teacher and provide ample opportunity for teacher education candidates to hone their skills. The College of Education will house student teaching, early field experiences, and additional content courses required of educators. These education courses are part of the professional sequence and detailed in a candidate’s program of study.

Based on our market research, the program is designed to encompass the needs of future educators that will be qualified to work in the area of engineering and technology education, as well as career and technical education. Additionally, the program will create opportunities for candidates interested in training and development, or other specialized training and education fields. Demand for these technically trained educators will only continue to grow as the need for professional and technical services, and engineering and technology-related positions, increase.

Students completing the major and who successfully pass the State endorsement exam will be certified to teach the following courses [PDF]:

  • Industrial Technology
  • Drafting/Computer Assisted Design
  • Woods, Metals, and Plastics Technologies
  • Graphic Arts
  • Automotive and Small Engine Technology
  • Technology and Design
  • Technology Education
  • Concepts of Technology
  • Physical Technology
  • Energy and Power Technologies
  • Transportation Technologies
  • Manufacturing Technologies
  • Construction Technologies
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Electricity/Electronics
  • Industrial Arts
  • Transportation
  • Communication
  • Power and Energy
  • Technology Education
  • Information Technology
  • Bio-Related Technology

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