About this Program

The clinical lab sciences program uses a strong background in the basic sciences, such as biology and chemistry, to provide clinical diagnoses and monitoring of disease. This program prepares students to work in hospital settings as well as industry, academic research and forensic science.

Eastern's clinical laboratory sciences (CLS) program will prepare you for success in a branch of medicine concerned with diagnostic laboratory analyses used treating disease and health maintenance. The CLS major follows an interdisciplinary format comprised of lecture and laboratory courses in clinical laboratory sciences, biology and chemistry.

Our Program

The CLS program at EMU offers four concentrations, each leading to a bachelor's degree. Three of the four concentrations require a six- to 12-month clinical practicum in an affiliated hospital during the senior year.


  • Medical Laboratory Science | BS

    Medical Laboratory Science is the study of blood and body fluids including analyses in the following areas: hematology, immunohematology, chemistry, immunology, microbiology and molecular diagnostics. Clinical practicum and certification exam required.

  • Cytogenetics | BS

    Cytogenetics is the study of the relationship between human disease, heredity and chromosome alterations. Clinical practicum and certification exam required.

  • Histotechnology | BS

    Histotechnology is the study of tissue preparation and staining techniques for the diagnosis of disease processes in body specimens. Clinical practicum and certification exam required.

  • Clinical Sciences (pre-professional) | BS

    Clinical Sciences (pre-professional) is the study of medical laboratory science and advanced biology, chemistry and physics. This concentration prepares the student for further studies in medicine (MD, DO, PA) dentistry, veterinary science or to pursue an advanced degree (MS, Ph.D.) No clinical practicum or certification exam required.

Program Statistics

Program statistics for the last three years

Year                       Pass rate           Placement rate           Graduation rate
2020-2021             100%                    100%                                100%

2021-2022             100%                    100%                                88%

2022-2023            88%                     100%                                108%


The clinical laboratory science program MLS concentration is accredited by:

National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences 
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773.714.8880 | naacls.org

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