If you’re considering a career in nutrition or dietetics, you probably see a correlation between health and nutrition. Maybe you’ve witnessed a loved one develop type 2 diabetes or perhaps you’ve personally experienced the benefits of healthy eating in your own life. Whatever the case, you know this: health and nutrition go hand in hand.

We know human health is intimately related to the quality and variety of foods we consume. We think of nutrition and dietetics from the perspective of input and output. In order to enjoy a healthy life, it is essential for all people to have a deeper understanding of how the food that we consume (input) affects the performance of our bodies and our overall health (output).


A degree in dietetics culminating with the registered dietitian credential provides many options for employment. Job opportunities are available in the clinical area in hospitals, long-term care facilities, specialized healthcare settings, and insurance companies.

In addition, there are many opportunities in the community including positions in federal and state programs like the Women, Infant and Children’s Nutrition Program, Head Start and Area on Aging. The food service industry is also a place for employment including hospitals, long-term care facilities, corporate operations, and school systems. Other areas where dietitians provide their expertise is in sports nutrition, universities, private practice, research, writing, and other government agencies such as the FDA and the USDA.

For current information related to a career in dietetics, visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Hear From Our Program Students

Sarah Amidon, Indiana Distance Online Student

I chose to pursue EMU’s program specifically because the online distance option offers the flexibility that students of all ages and backgrounds need. As a mom with 2 small children, doing coursework from home is crucial. I have found the instructors and support staff to be unparalleled and eager to help you succeed. With an emphasis on entrepreneurship, I will walk into my career as a Registered Dietitian ready to start my private practice!

Lexi Jungbluth, Maine Distance Online Student

Changing careers to pursue a Masters with EMU’s online coordinated dietetics program has been a rewarding experience.   What could have been intimidating and overwhelming has been welcoming, challenging, supportive, and fulfilling.  Completing supervised practice experience hours in conjunction with the course work has enabled me to apply the knowledge real time and meet influencers and potential employers along the way. This is a comprehensive program that prepares its students for success.

Brittany Smith, Florida Distance Online Student

The Coordinated Program in Dietetics at EMU has been everything I could have hoped for and more! My first year in the program has challenged me in the best ways, and the growth I have seen in myself makes me proud and excited for the future. I have learned so much through my classes and supervised practice experiences and I am confident that I am being set up for a successful future as a Registered Dietitian. I feel supported by everyone involved in the program and wake up every day thankful to be a part of it!

Hear From Our Program Alumni 

Gina Worful, MS, RD, Registered Dietitian at Cal-a-Vie Health Spa, Speaker and Published Author

I am so grateful I made the decision to take the dietetics program at EMU. The structure allowed me to effectively learn and gain experience to start practicing as a registered dietitian right after graduation. I had the opportunity to work directly with professors to prepare me for the licensing exam and confidently approach my career. I owe it to EMU’s dietetics program for a great educational experience and guiding me to achieve my dream career. 

Samantha Sanner, RDN, LDN Clinical Nutrition Manager at Coral Gables Hospital

After I graduated from EMU Dietetics Program I moved to Florida and began working for a consultant company. Morrison Healthcare quickly saw the potential in me and I was offered career advancement as Clinical Nutrition Manager at Coral Gables Hospital. Currently, I am on the fast track to become a director within Morrison Healthcare. I can attribute my success to the dietetics program at Eastern Michigan University. I could not be more proud to tell people that I have graduated from this program as I believe it has prepared me greatly for the real world of dietetics and has enabled me to move up so fast. I am very excited to see where my career takes me within Morrison Healthcare. I want to thank you all for all that you do and for continuing to give back to the future dietitians.

  • Ashley Runge, MS, RD, Clinical Dietitian at Memorial Medical Center, Ashland, WI

    EMU’s Dietetics Program is one-of-a-kind! Even for students in the distance program, such as myself, the department staff members are very personal and attentive to our educational needs. I now have friends and colleague connections from all over the country! Shortly after graduating, I was offered a position at my clinical Supervised Practice Experience site. I credit EMU’s comprehensive program for being well-rounded in the field of dietetics, and I would not trade my experience for anything!
  • Melissa Flynn, MS, RD, LDN, Dietitian at Wilmington Treatment Center – A recovery hospital

    The EMU coordinated dietetics program sets a high standard! My preceptors constantly commented on the comprehensiveness of EMU’s program, compared to other programs they had encountered. The challenging courses, the supportive teaching staff and the engaging environment helped me to develop the critical thinking skills necessary for a career in dietetics. I passed my RD exam and was employed within three months of completing the graduate program!

    Thank you EMU!

  • Patrick Johnson, MS RD CNSC CD, Lead Dietitian at Capital Medical Center, Olympia, Washington

    As a graduate of the Eastern Michigan University Coordinated Program in Dietetics, I have been able to stand out among my professional peers. The strong management components, well-structured coursework, stringent preceptor expectation and individualized practice experiences speak to this quality program. Having worked in multiple practice environments since graduation, I never lacked in the requisite knowledge or ability to advance my skillset. Without hesitation I returned to EMU to pursue a Master’s in Human Nutrition.

  • Raquel Carter, RDN

    The CP in Dietetics was an opportunity for me to change careers and pursue my passion for nutrition and healthcare. I was challenged intellectually and I also grew as a person and as a professional. The academic department as well as my preceptors were very supportive and encouraging. I was well prepared for the RD exam once I completed my studies and I am proud to be a dietitian and alumni of this fantastic program.

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