About this Program

This is an exciting time to be interested in the field of sport management. New leagues are forming, many colleges are expanding their athletic departments, and the job market is wide open. Job opportunities include high school athletic director, facilities manager, assistant athletic director/operations, marketing and sports information.

There is so much that happens behind the scenes in sports; from the people who call the plays to the people who maintain the equipment, and everything in between, someone is responsible for managing all of these moving parts. Sports teams are managed by leaders that mold and grow successful sports administrations. At EMU, our sport management program can help to foster the skills needed for you to fulfill your passion!

Have you ever played on a sports team? Did you ever think about how your games were scheduled or who picked the athletic trainers and coaches? With a degree in sports management, you can implement some of these decisions as an athletic director, facilities manager or administrative positions like marketing. Our program can prepare you for positions from high school all the way up to elite level sports. Join the expanding and growing industry that is sports management.

EMU's sport management program is designed for students who are interested in athletic administration (high school sports) and sport management in elite-level sports (such as collegiate sports).

Our Programs

The sport management program at EMU offers both undergraduate and graduate opportunities for our students.

Why Study at EMU?

We are creating leaders to fill the rapidly expanding industry we know as the world of sports. Learn the skills needed to fulfill these positions in our comprehensive program.

  • Our program will help you find out how you can funnel your passion for sports into the right field in the industry.

  • We are building the next generation of leaders in the sports industry at high school, collegiate and national levels.

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Brenda Riemer, Graduate Program Coordinator
734.487.2830 | [email protected]
319N Porter, Ypsilanti MI 48197

Erica Zonder, Undergraduate Program Coordinator
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At a Glance

  • Two programs offered
  • Designed for students who are interested in athletic administration


  • On campus
  • Major BS | MS