The Sport Performance and Fitness Entrepreneurship major at Eastern Michigan University provides an accessible, creative and one-of-its kind program of study for students interested in careers in fitness training, sport coaching and sport performance. Our students recognize the potential impact a fitness trainer or coach can have on an individual’s life when a evidence-based, positive and productive physical training environment exists.

This program of study has been created to prepare future physical activity professionals who are passionate, knowledgeable and ready-to-work community leaders in the many areas of fitness and sport performance.

Career areas include the ever-evolving "business of fitness," sport coaching, athletic performance coaching, fitness facility management, recreational fitness leadership, as well as long term athlete development and movement education across the lifespan.

Coursework and learning experiences include a balance of the following:

  • Exercise science foundations
  • Interdisciplinary professional preparation across related disciplines
  • Applied methods of physical training and coaching
  • Internship and other practical opportunities to work with real people, clients, and athletes in order to gain invaluable pre-graduation experience 
  • Business Entrepreneurship Minor
    In addition, all Sport Performance and Fitness Entrepreneurship students are required to take a minor in business entrepreneurship. This minor allows students to be equipped with a foundational understanding of accounting, business management, marketing, and sales—all essential for the fitness entrepreneur.
  • Internship in Sport Performance and Fitness Entrepreneurship

    The purpose of the Sport Performance and Fitness Entrepreneurship internship is to enable the student an opportunity to develop the applied and practical skills based upon theory, knowledge, and principles acquired in the classroom into active learning experiences in the real world.

    In addition, the internship provides students the opportunity to become proficient with behaviors deemed appropriate and professional among their peers and actual clients in the physical training employment environment of their interest.

  • Faculty

    Faculty and instructors in the Sport Performance and Fitness Entrepreneurship major come not only from a variety of academic specialties (sport performance, sport psychology, human biomechanics, motor development, health education, dietetics, sport pedagogy), but are also are actively involved as everyday practitioners in the real world of their industries. They go from their roles as professional community leaders on the playing field and local training centers to the Eastern Michigan University classroom to educate the next generation of coaches, trainers, movement educators, and fitness business owners.

    Meet our faculty.

  • Graduates in Sport Performance and Fitness Entrepreneurship
    Our graduates are coaches, business owners, trainer and managers. They are employed in high school and college strength centers, own their own fitness facilities, manage and run operations in fitness and recreation centers, teach group fitness classes, run aquatic centers, coordinate outdoor adventure experiences, and coach a wide variety of levels and types of sport. They all aim to empower their athletes and clients to live mentally and physically strong, be physically active, and enjoy a healthy life through meaningful movement and training experiences.

Contact Us

Julie Jahn, associate professor and program coordinator
319E Porter Building
734.487.2816 | [email protected]

At a Glance

  • Applied, interdisciplinary coursework
  • Client and athlete-centered learning experiences
  • Professional fitness and coaching certification preparation

Professional Network

  • Practical experiences in local gyms and fitness centers
  • Partnerships with EMU REC/IM and Athletics
  • Alumni mentor host internship sites