Featured Graduates of the IMC Master's Program

Alumni Spotlight: Shameah Abraham, '15

I have been able to apply all aspects of the IMC program to my work. I took on a new role right before I started the program, and the timing could not have been better. I was able to use the information I was learning in my classes and apply it to work. The entire concept of integrating marketing communications helped me to design successful marketing campaigns that had consistent messaging and branding across all communication channels. I still use the tools I learned in the IMC program in my work today. Read more about Shameah Abraham.

Marketing Automation Manager,

Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Carr, '19

The IMC program at Eastern Michigan University was the best thing that I could have done for my career! The progression of the courses from start to finish really forced me to get into the weeds of what makes great marketing, how to implement it, how to analyze it, and how to apply findings to future campaigns. As a working professional, it was fantastic to learn valuable skills that I could immediately apply in my everyday work. The content in the courses were relevant and current, and the assignments pushed me to learn about marketing applications in all sorts of industries. This program has made me the well-rounded marketing professional that I am today and it has made me love what I do even more!

Sarah Carr
Director of Marketing & CX

Alumni Spotlight: Tim Marshall '11

The top things I learned from the IMC program were to be a better manager and to have an understanding of the big picture. I chose Eastern's IMC program for two reasons: it's accredited and the faculty are great. We have faculty who have worked with major brands, worked for multi-national corporations, and those who worked with small businesses. A great benefit of EMU's IMC program is that your cohort will have people from all over the country. It allowed me to build a national wide professional network. The best advice I would give to someone entering the IMC program at EMU is to jump outside your comfort zone. The whole reason we are in this program is to have a broad understanding of what goes into a successful IMC strategy and you cannot do that if you stick to what you know. Read more about Tim here.

Digital Marketing Strategist,
Training Consultant 

Alumni Spotlight: Tracey Pearson, '16

It's been two years since Tracey Shavers Jr. graduated with her Master's degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Eastern Michigan University. "I'd heard about the IMC program from a colleague in the PR industry. She was a high-level executive at a global firm and after speaking with her about the program I looked into it. A key differentiator for me was the ability to complete the program online, but with an educational institution that was reputable but not far away should I need assistance." Read more about Tracey.

Deputy Media Relations Director
City of Detroit

Alumni Spotlight: Erica Colaianne, '15

Eastern Michigan University's IMC program teaches students to blend and align the many aspects of marketing and communications – internal and external marketing and communications tactics, brand awareness, strategic planning, public relations, advertising, creative development, event planning and budget management – to develop the most impactful plans. Read more about Erica.

Public Engagement Communications Manager,
University of Michigan

Alumni Spotlight: Duriel Smith '12

"What I liked most about EMU's IMC program was the opportunity to build great relationships with people from all over the world. Being able to interface and interact with people that love marketing the way that I do and share ideas, thoughts and experiences on marketing was a great thing. The advantage of a fully online marketing program is the flexibility and convenience of building your own schedule while continuing to work your business." Read more about Duriel.

Owner and Operator,
Creative Innovation Associates

Alumni Spotlight: Dawn Oliver '10

"I looked at Emerson College in Boston, Michigan State, and Eastern Michigan. Comparing the programs, Eastern worked a lot better with my schedule and the selection of classes were a lot more in depth and a lot better than some of the other programs. Where Michigan States' program only focused on advertising, EMU's program focused on everything within the marketing communications field, including sales, PR, traditional advertising, and event promotion. Read more about Dawn.

Senior Market Intelligence Professional,
CSoC - Samsung Electronics

Alumni Spotlight: Michael Straley '11

"I have a passion for communications and marketing and was looking for an online degree successfully integrating public relations, media planning and marketing communications." Michael Straley '11 proves you're never too old to advance your career through higher education. Read more about Michael.

Executive Director,
Foundation at Fulton County Medical Center

Alumni Spotlight: Jill Atcheson '14

What's your marketing strategy? If you ask marketing achiever Jill Atcheson '14, she's "laser focused" on data, digital and dollars. Jill Atcheson was motivated to pursue an advanced business degree because continuous learning is a critical component to professional success. Read more about Jill.

Director, Global Partner Marketing Experience

Alumni Spotlight: Kenyatta Bynoe '14

"Being fully online allowed me the flexibility to stay on track from anywhere in the world I was traveling. I learned practical knowledge and techniques, how to build 360-degree marketing and the most effective ways to execute them," said Kenyatta Bynoe '14. Read more about Kenyatta.

Founder and Principal Marketing Consultant,
Ingenuity Squared

Alumni Spotlight: Jamie LaRose '14

Jamie LaRose '14 was well into a successful banking career, working at the time with Bank of America in North Carolina. He'd already served in a variety of marketing leadership roles. Read more about Jamie.

Director, Consumer Marketing Strategy,

Alumni Spotlight: Christine (Brown) Pompa '13

I had learned about EMU's integrated marketing communications program online and was intrigued since marketing is my passion and something I wanted to specialize in even further, beyond my career experience and past educational pursuits. Read more about Christine.

Senior Director, Content Marketing
Thomson Reuters