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The Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) graduate program at Eastern Michigan University is geared toward the business professional. Take advantage of the versatility of a completely online program while earning your degree from an AACSB-accredited business school. If your business passion lies in marketing and communications, this program is for you. The IMC program has been designed to use real-world examples and techniques as you collaborate with other professionals to gain the advanced skills you need to go further in your career.

The IMC program is taught by distinguished faculty experts and educates you on bringing together branding, messaging and media for the most progressive and innovative marketing strategies in business today. If you're looking for a competitive advantage in your business career, Eastern's IMC degree can be your ticket.

IMC graduates find career opportunities across the globe in a variety of industries as consultants, executives, directors, managers and even entrepreneurs. Integrated marketing communications skills are in demand and with an online master's from EMU, you can find opportunities in:

  • Brand Management
  • Corporate Communications
  • Public Relations
  • Sales Promotion
  • Marketing Communications
  • Advertising
  • Marketing Research
  • Media Planning
  • Digital Marketing

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What to Expect

The program is entirely online including instruction and professional networking can be done virtually. IMC courses typically consist of reading textbooks, articles and online forums, participating in online discussions and research and writing. 

  • Time Commitment

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    While the IMC program is designed for working professionals, it's intensive and requires a significant commitment of time. The projected time to complete the full master's degree of 12 courses (36 credits) is two years. The graduate certificate can be completed in one year.

    The amount of time you'll spend on coursework is comparable to traditional classroom graduate courses; however, the sessions for the IMC program are shorter than a traditional semester and may command more attention. You should plan on devoting approximately 15 hours per week for reading, discussion and other assignments.

  • Class Sessions

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    There are five sessions each year, which run seven to eight weeks each. Below is the schedule for the current academic year, with the 2023-24 sessions TBA:

    • Early Fall 2023: 8/28-10/20
    • Late Fall 2023: 10/23-12/13
    • Early Winter 2024: 1/8-2/28
    • Late Winter 2024: 3/4-4/24
    • Early Summer: Dates TBD

Recommended Course Sequence for IMC Program Cohort

The below provides guidance on how to complete the IMC degree in two years; the IMC class schedule is subject to change based on demand and other factors.

  • Students Entering Fall Cohort

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    • IMC 601 Principles, Strategies and Tactics (early Fall)
    • IMC 603 Consumer Behavior & Insights (late Fall)
    • IMC 604 Marketing Communications Research & Analytics (early Winter)
    • IMC 602 Brand Development (late Winter)
    • IMC Elective (Summer)
    • IMC 616 Search Marketing with Google Adwords (early Fall)
    • *IMC 605 Creative Message Strategy and *IMC 606 Media Strategy (taken concurrently in late Fall)
    • IMC 617 Social Media Marketing Strategy (early Winter)
    • *IMC 614 IMC Privacy Policy Management and *IMC 615 IMC Ethics, Regulations and Society (taken concurrently in late Winter)
    • IMC 631 IMC Campaigns (Summer)

    *These courses feature coordinated student workloads and involve complementary project topics.