Program Information


The Master's in Information Systems Program at Eastern has been approved with a CIP code 11.0401 Information Science/Studies and is a designated STEM program (science, technology, engineering, and math). Eligible international students may apply to work in the United States for additional time via the Optional Practical Training (OPT) benefit and OPT STEM extension. The program is aimed at teaching you concepts, theory and practices for designing, constructing and maintaining information systems supporting business processes. The knowledge, practical business applications and development experience gained during your studies will prepare you for professional and academic advancement. Learning experiences in the program will expose you to challenges in developing leading edge information systems with a sound understanding of how information technology should integrate with strategic approaches to business management.

In the MSIS program, you'll take 30 credits of required core and elective courses. If you have not completed any undergraduate business and/or information systems coursework, you may be required to take up to 12 credits of foundation courses

Career Advancement

The MSIS program prepares students for careers as information professionals in the areas of database management, business intelligence and analytics, enterprise resource planning, systems analysis and design, information security and auditing, web development, and applications programming. Today, many MSIS graduates are employed in Michigan and elsewhere in the United States as IS professionals.

In our program, you'll learn skills that are in high demand with employers representing all industries. Our students are encouraged to peruse the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) site regarding the outlook for careers in computer and information systems and technology. While at the EMU College of Business, MSIS students are encouraged to register with Handshake to be kept apprised of internships and other placement opportunities.