Success Stories

News from our Graduates

Jack (Edwin) Coy

Jack (Edwin) Coy graduated in the Winter semester of 2014 with a major in computer science and a minor in general business. He is currently attending the University of Colorado-Boulder for a master's in computer science. He plans to specialize in artificial intelligence, more specifically cognitive science. In addition, Jack is a teaching assistant at Boulder; previously he was a programming associate at Menlo Innovations in Ann Arbor.

"Going to school and living out here has been quite the experience (I've never lived outside Michigan) and I owe it all to EMU for prepping me with the knowledge I needed to not be behind when starting graduate school. Despite the heavy class load I have been getting a healthy dose of skiing and hiking and have made a number of new friends. Go EMU!"

Hannah Saloiye

Hannah Saloiye, from Akron, Ohio, graduated in December 2014 with a double major in computer science and music.

"I began my studies in music, primarily the flute, I loved my major. It was really fun becoming a better musician and living in such a creative atmosphere. On the other hand, I missed mathematics and logic problems. I enjoyed working with the music software for music theory and composition, so I picked up an introduction to programming course. I realized that although I loved music, programming provided a different kind of creativity. Fortunately, Eastern Michigan allowed me to major in both of these subjects. I had several great professors that took an interest in my education and goals, which helped me feel like I was a part of both of my departments."

Hannah began her professional career in March 2015 as part of the prestigious Ford IT College Graduate Program.

Nik Estep

Nik Estep finished his studies at Eastern in 2011, having completed a bachelor's degree as well as a graduate certificate in artificial intelligence. He now lives in New York City where he is employed by Google working to support the person-to-person payments feature within Google Wallet. Starting in January 2015, he enrolled at New York University working on a M.S. in Information Systems. On top of that, he is expecting a baby boy in April!

"I haven't been able to forget my Eastern roots, though. To this day, I still maintain and the amount of material covered by the Google interviews would have been insurmountable without the excellent education offered all the way back in South East Michigan. I use many of the things I learned at least on a weekly basis, if not daily. And of course, as always, Bleed Green!"