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Name Title                                                 Program/Concentration
Bob Lahidji Interim Director School of Engineering
 Carrol Muglia Senior Secretary
Muhammad Ahmed Professor Engineering Management
Jamal Bari Associate Professor Electronic Engineering Technology
Bryan Booker Assistant Professor Engineering Management
Vernnaliz Carrasquillo Assistant Professor Product Design Engineering Technology
Arman Dabiri Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering Technology
Mohamed El-Sayed Professor Mechanical Engineering Technology
Ali Eydgahi Professor Engineering Technology
M. C. Greenfield Assistant Professor Electronic Engineering Technology
Qin Hu Assistant Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering
Tareq Khan Assistant Professor Computer Engineering Technology
Paul Kominsky Lecturer Mechanical Engineering Technology
Bob Lahidji Professor Engineering Management
Jonathon Lin Professor Computer Engineering Technology
Erik Lokensgard Professor Engineering Management/Product Design Engineering Technology
Vijay Mannari Professor Polymer and Coatings
Andrew Mansfield Assistant  Professor  Mechanical Engineering
Philip Rufe Assistant Professor Product Design Engineering Technology
Tony Shay Professor Computer-Aided Engineering
MacArthur Stewart Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering 
Emad Tanbour Associate Professor Engineering Management
He Tang Associate Professor Quality Management
John Texter Professor Polymers and Coatings


Name Email
Dr. Thomas G. Soyster [email protected]
Dr. Jan Jellema [email protected]