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DASHBOARD (Program Status Updates)

The Creative Scientific Inquiry Experience (CSIE) is a STEM-related program at Eastern Michigan University, funded by the U.S. Department of Education. It connects students with faculty and with community projects through a sustainable, integrated science curriculum.

The links below provide brief status reports on CSIE Broad Project Goals and Measurable Objectives. The status of each Measurable Objective is noted, accompanied by a brief narrative. A section titled “Nuggets” is also provided; program highlights are noted there. The date of each update is also included. Reports are updated periodically.

Measureable Objectives are designated as: AccomplishedOn TrackOngoing, or Developing.

Accomplished means that the Measureable Objective has been wholly or virtually met.

On Track means that there exists satisfactory progress toward meeting the Measureable Objective.

Ongoing means that an existing project initiative continues, without a specified end date.

Developing means that meeting the Measureable Objective is delayed, or that meeting the Objective has been more challenging than first anticipated, and that work continues.