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Improvement of Student Success Rate

Improve student-success rate, especially among underrepresented groups, in STEM Gateway and Next-In-Progression (NIP) courses by developing CSIE-linked courses based on common-themed subject topics

  • Accomplished

    1. By the end of the grant, the Title III Director, the CSIE Steering Committee and others will identify four or more common-themed subject topics in STEM fields for course development.

    All CSIE courses are now aligned with both grant goals and the EMU mission and vision.(Updated April 16, 2019.)

    2. In each year of the grant, four new or revised CSIE courses will be launched in STEM areas, based on work during the CSIE-fellows training.

    All continuing CSIE courses and the summer STEM-a-thon have been modified to align with CSIE project goals.(Updated April 15, 2019)

  • On Track
     A group composed of CSIE Fellows form various STEM departments is working to have CSIE courses tagged or “badged” on student transcripts.(Updated April 16, 2019)
  • Ongoing
    Students have partnered with the Huron River Watershed Council on local waterway research. (Updated April 15, 2019)