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CSIE Faculty Fellows


Peter Bednekoff [email protected]
Howard Booth [email protected]
Martin Brown [email protected]
Anne Casper [email protected]
Christian Casper [email protected]
Daniel Clemans [email protected]
Steven Francoeur [email protected]
David Kass [email protected]
Marianne Laporte [email protected]
Peggy Liggit [email protected]
Cara Shillington [email protected]
Philip Smaldino [email protected]
Ruth Ann Armitage [email protected]
Tim Brewer [email protected]
Harriet Lindsay [email protected]
Larry Kolopajilo [email protected]
Steve Pernecky [email protected]
Sharon Vance [email protected]
Computer Science  
Augustine Ikeji [email protected]
Krish Narayanan [email protected]
Earth System Science  
Steve LoDuca [email protected]
Educational Media & Technology  
Toni Jones [email protected]
Educational Psychology  
Imandeep Grewal [email protected]
Engineering Technology  
Ali Eydgahi [email protected]
Geography & Geology  
Katherine Ryker [email protected]
Health Promotion & Human Performance  
Heidi Harris [email protected]
History & Philosophy  
Jill Dieterle [email protected]
Grant Shafer [email protected]
Information Assurance  
Skip Lawver [email protected]
Sandy Becker [email protected]
Joanne Caniglia [email protected]
Xiaoxu Han [email protected]
Randy Keller [email protected]
Jay Ramanathan [email protected]
Kim Rescorla [email protected]
Andrew Ross [email protected]
Tanweer J Shapla [email protected]
Susan Bushinski [email protected]
Diane Jacobs [email protected]
Jim Carroll [email protected]
Marshall Thomsen [email protected]
Patrick Koehn [email protected]
Ernest Behringer [email protected]
Technology Studies  
Konnie Kustron [email protected]