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What CSIE Faculty Are Saying

The faculty are a very important part of the CSIE Program. They spend a lot of time figuring out how to best make their class(es) fit with the others, but they also really enjoy working with CSIE students. Here is what some of the CSIE Founding Faculty Fellows have had to say about the Program and its students:

Steve Pernecky (CHEM): The most exciting thing about CSIE is getting to solve real-world problems with freshmen. One of the great joys I have is to see students grow and develop. It’s great to have such an impact at such an early stage of a student’s academic career, and CSIE is in a unique position to do that.

Krish Narayanan (COSC): I have always been interested in working collaboratively. Working with CSIE… bringing these two courses closer together has been very fruitful. I like reinforcing concepts from one discipline to another. The students comprehend a lot more.

Steve Francoeur (BIOL): You get to teach a low-enrollment class of students who have elected to be there.  You get to do research with them. And it’s really not that hard to come up with a service-learning project and a community partner related to your course. It really works out pretty well.

Joanne Caniglia (MATH) : There have been studies examining why students leave the sciences—one of the reasons is that students feel distanced from their professors in entry-level courses. They feel more engaged with faculty in higher-level courses, but by then it’s too late. It’s exciting to collaborate with a colleague and to see how excited and engaged the students are.