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Industry leaders, EMU Departments, EMU Clubs and other community partners can apply to lead a hands-on breakout session for the spring 2020 conference.

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Interact with participants before the conference, during passing times, and during lunch. Exhibitioners often have interactive displays and swag to engage participants. 

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Spring 2020 Breakout Sessions

Sessions feature STEM learning activities as well as networking with professionals and EMU students who lead hands-on sessions. The Digital Dudes program will offer two interactive breakout sessions. Students will be split into two groups and will switch sessions after lunch.

Our list of breakout sessions will update as sessions are confirmed. 


You may read the descriptions of the sessions as they are added to this site, however, the system will open and close at the following times:

  • Ticket reservations open March 2, 2020 at 8 a.m.
  • Ticket reservations close March 6, 2020 at 5 p.m.

Learn more about reserving your tickets by viewing our step-by-step guide. 

Ticket Reservation System Step-By-Step Guide

Spring 2020 Breakout Sessions

  • AMaze - Agile Concepts with Games

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    AMaze - Agile Concepts with Games

    Hosted by: GE

    Learn how professional software teams break down giant projects into manageable tasks through an interactive board game building activity. Learn how to take control and achieve big goals.








  • Brick by Brick

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    Brick by Brick

    Hosted by: EMU Construction Management Program

     In this session participants will work on a construction project while learning about the different careers in the construction industry. Students will be given information about a construction project, and act in the role of Construction Manager, Civil Engineer, Designer, or Architect. Students will create a building with materials that will be provided in a given time period. The challenge of this project is that the building must:
    • Stand on the floor by itself.
    • Be a unique, new design to represent their creativity.
    • Fulfill constructional requirements of this project.
  • Building Bridges to your future

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    Building Bridges to Your Future

    Hosted by:  EMU Department of Military Science & Leadership

    Participants will receive an overview of bridge designs. The participants will break into teams to compete against their peers to build the strongest and lightest bridge using K'NEX.





  • Campus Tour

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    Campus Tour

    Hosted by: Admissions Visits Program

    Our campus tour provides an opportunity to meet with and hear from our Admissions staff and take a 90-minute walking tour of campus. Your visit will include visits to several academic and student support buildings which may include the Student Center, residence halls and rooms, classroom buildings, Halle Library, and other campus areas that interest you. 

    Note: Please be prepared to walk outdoors in varying weather conditions. Comfortable closed-toe shoes are highly recommend. Depending on weather conditions, umbrellas, coats, rain jackets, gloves, and other outdoor apparel for comfort should be considered by participants prior to the start of the session. 




  • Extra Extra Build All About It!

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    Extra Extra Build All About It!

    Hosted by: Promess  

     Test your engineering knowledge and design skills using only newspaper and duct tape. Compete with other student groups to see who can create the strongest, sturdiest, and most creative chair.






  • Forensic Chemistry Detective with Demos Expand dropdown
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    Forensic Chemistry Detective with Demos

    Hosted by: EMU Chemistry Department and Club

    Students will determine the identity of a mysterious white powder sent to a county official using chemical testing. Students will also decipher a secret message written by the culprit. The event will then culminate with a large number of dazzling demos.



  •  Funky Flashlight - PM Session Only Expand dropdown
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    Funky Flashlight

    Hosted by: EMU Society of Women Engineers

    PM Session Only

    Join the SWE to build your own funky flashlight! Learn about electronics AND make your own customized light! Want it to look like a burger? Lipstick? We are only limited by our imagination!







  •  Make your own Avengers Logo Expand dropdown
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    Make your own Avengers Logo

    Hosted by: EMU Product Design Engineering Technology Program

    Participants will learn about the product development process starting with a drawing and ending with an object. They will see how an object is drawn in CAD, using that drawing to conduct mold flow analysis. They will then go into the laboratory and cast their own aluminum Avengers logo to take home.



  • Michigan’s CyberPatriot Program: Hands-On Experience Before You Graduate
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    Michigan’s CyberPatriot Program: Hands-On Experience Before You Graduate

    Hosted by: Michigan’s CyberPatriot Program

    What is Cybersecurity, where are they teaching it, what kind of salaries can you expect, how can you get hands-on experience while still in Middle School and High School? Fun Facts, videos and games all included in this Michigan CyberPatriot Session. With over 200 billion devices connected, 6 million open jobs worldwide and cybercrime costing us 6 trillion dollars by the end of 2020, you can’t miss this great session about the exciting careers in CyberSecurity!





  •  Ramp it up with FordLabs Expand dropdown
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    Ramp it up with FordLabs

    Hosted by: FordLabs

    Learn with FordLabs what it means to be a part of a balanced team as you use continuous feedback to build the best car-and-ramp combos to beat the competition