Breakout Sessions

 Fall 2019 Breakout Sessions

Sessions feature STEM learning activities as well as networking with professionals and EMU students who lead hands-on sessions. The Digital Dudes program will offer two interactive breakout sessions. Students will be split into two groups and will switch sessions after lunch.

  •  Building Bridges to your Future 

    Hosted by: EMU Department of Military Science & Leadership

    Students will receive an overview of bridge designs. The students will break into teams to compete against their peers to build the strongest and lightest bridge using K'NEX.

  • Who Stole the School Mascot for $1,000,000?

    Hosted by: EMU Chemistry Club and Chemistry Dept.

    Students will solve a mystery using fingerprinting, document identification, chemical analysis, handwriting analysis, and other techniques.

  • How to code & drive an autonomous driving vehicle

    Hosted by: EMU Information Assurance & Cyber Defense Program 

    Have you ever wanted to know what is behind the self-driving car technology? Oin the Information Assurance & Cyber Defense students as they help you to build the car, program it, and test it out on a track. This interactive session will also have some fun with problem solving in technology.