The benefits outlined below are in addition to standard EMU retirement benefits [PDF] offered to employees.

Emeritus Faculty Benefits

The benefits listed below are approved for emeritus faculty. Associate members have been accorded some of these benefits when the emeritus/emerita member is deceased; however, this is an informal arrangement.

  • An Emeritus Faculty Photo ID card (not available to associate member).
  • An annual parking permit.
  • A campus mail box in his/her former department upon written request to the department head (not available to associate member).
  • For members who are TIAA retirees or dual TIAA/MPSERS retirees (not MPSERS only), EMU allows reimbursement of up to $160 per month for health insurance costs.
  • Free membership in the Rec-IM. 
  • Two complimentary tickets to each sporting event.
  • Two complimentary tickets to each EMU production (plays, concerts, etc.). Campus life, guest artists, and speakers series are excluded.
  • A campus email address. Contact the help desk phone at 734.487.2120 (not available to associate members).
  • The right to participate in academic processions and convocations (not available to associate member).
  • Use of the library.
  • The opportunity to audit classes without credit, tuition or the need to follow regular enrollment procedures. However, approval to audit must be granted by the instructor and program fees may be assessed (not available to associate member).
  • The Eagle Crest Golf Club offers members a special rate for unlimited golf. Download a document with details.
  • Members are reminded that the Eagle Card Discount Program provides shopping advantages; show your EMU ID card and save at Ypsilanti-area businesses. Go to the Eagle Discount Program site for more information and the location of participating establishments.

Emeritus Staff Benefits

  • Use of the Halle Library, Student Center Bookstore discount and a complimentary membership to the Lloyd W. Olds Student Recreation Center. Register at the Olds Center at 734.487.1338 for your membership.
  • An Emeritus Eagle Photo ID Card. Eagle Photo ID cards are obtained by showing your Emeritus welcome letter to the Eagle Card Office, Pierce Hall. For additional information you can contact the Eagle Card office at 734.487.5347 (make sure to state that you are an emeritus staff member).
  • Two complimentary tickets to each EMU production {plays, concerts, etc.) through the EMU Theatre Office. Campus Life, guest artists and speaker series are excluded. Request tickets from the Box Office, Quirk/Sponberg Theatre Complex at 734.487.1221 (make sure you state that you are an Emeritus Staff member).
  • Two complimentary tickets to each football and basketball game. Request tickets from the EMU Ticket Office located at the EMU Convocation Center at 799 N. Hewitt Road at 734.487.5347 (make sure to state that you are an Emeritus Staff member).
  • An annual University Directory is available. The online directory is updated biweekly through University Marketing and Communications. If you have updates to the Emeritus section, please contact the Foundation Office at 734.481.2315.
  • The opportunity to audit classes without credit, tuition, or following regular enrollment procedures (This may not apply to all courses—a program fee may be assessed.) Approval to audit must be granted by the instructor.
  • For maintenance of campus email address, contact the IT Help desk.
  • Please direct any questions you have to the Benefits Office. Call 734.487.3195, or send an email to [email protected] if you are a Staff Emeritus.

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