Eastern Michigan University is entering into an innovative utilities and infrastructure partnership that will deliver significant and lasting enhancements to the overall campus experience for students, faculty and staff. This pioneering initiative will benefit the University immediately and for decades in the future.

The partnership will generate a multi-million-dollar influx of outside funds to the University to:

  1. Further support Eastern’s strong sustainability efforts and energy conservation measures, while making the University even more “green.”
  2. Provide immediate and long-term solutions to deferred maintenance of older buildings and modernize the aging utility infrastructure.
  3. Create a continuous income stream to support academic programs and strategic enrollment and retention initiatives, while including a distinctive opportunity for students, faculty and staff to develop projects to support enrollment and retention objectives.

Similar partnerships have been formed at universities across the country (Ohio State University, University of Iowa, Georgetown University, University of Idaho, Louisiana State University). 

How it Works
Strategic Initiatives Fund
Impact of Energy Efficiency & Conservation Measures
Potential Infrastructure Enhancement Projects
Benefits for Students

Impact on Employees

The facilities team will continue to support the campus utility infrastructure and buildings as it currently does due to its deep understanding of the system. The six EMU employees who work in the Energy Center serve as the foundation for the success of Eastern’s infrastructure and utility system. The partnership would allow these employees to remain EMU employees working in the Energy Center or begin working for the partner – the choice rests with each employee. This provides opportunities to continue their careers in a variety of different methods at their discretion.