Strategic Initiatives Fund

  • The $2.7-3.2 million in annual net benefits to the University generated by the partnership will be used to support:
    1. Faculty and academic programs.
    2. Student persistence and retention.
    3. Enrollment and student recruitment efforts.
  • A portion of the $2.7-3.2 million will be dedicated to a campus-wide effort to seek proposals from departments and offices to fund initiatives that are designed to help accomplish goals outlined in the University’s Strategic Plan and/or increase student enrollment.
  • The University Budget Council offered suggestions for how such a proposal could be designed and implemented. Once the process is further developed, which is expected to be finalized this fall, details will be communicated to campus.
  • The process will include the specific criteria for award funding, as well as information about how offices can apply for funds to meet the strategic priorities. It is expected that initial award announcements will take place in early 2024.
  • As the proposal process is formalized over the next several months, faculty and staff are encouraged to begin considering potential projects for which they may want to request funding.