Eastern Scholars Program Process

Step 1: Department Approval
*Submit a course syllabus and instructor’s resume to the department for approval. Courses will be set up once approved.

Step 2: Complete the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) EMU will invoice the school directly and Administer Pre-Req Testing (if applicable).

Step 3: Students complete the forms (application, registration & FERPA) and submit them. All forms can be scanned and emailed to jhassenz@emich.edu. Do not mail forms unless you are using overnight express mail. The form submission process is time sensitive. Contact the office before mailing any documents.
*Students must be registered within the first 2 weeks of the start of the course. After registration deadline, students will NOT be able to add the course.

NOTE: If a student needs to withdraw or drop the course, it must be done both at the high school and with EMU.

Step 4: EMU Site Visit with Students (PowerPoint) (est. 30 minutes)

Step 5: End of the course, complete grade sheets.

Step 6: Students request transcripts from EMU to receive credits.

Contact Us

Jaclyn Hassenzahl

For all other inquiries, contact  ppat@emich.edu or call 734.487.8285 or 800.932.8689.

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