This community and university-centered council (which meets monthly and year-round) focuses on using university assets and resources (faculty expertise, student volunteers and organizations, AS-L courses and grant initiatives)  to:

  • internally collaborate enhance and promote community collaboration, avoiding duplication and
  • externally promote and facilitate community/university activity.

The primary charge of the CEC is to create and improve upon community collaboration between and among the University and local community entities in business, education, government and non-profits.

The CEC is coordinated by the Engage@EMU office and New Parkridge Community Center.

  • The CEC serves

    • as an advisory and possible action body for the University Strategic Plan
    • to provide support for institutional accreditation
    • as the developer of community engagement data and assessment
    • as a virtual front door dedicated to community engagement and collaboration
  • Participants

    • University personnel actively involved at the institutional level with community engagement (e.g. Government Relations, Media Relations, ISCFC, AS-L, NLA, CFE)
    • A local community organization/entity representative currently or previously involved in university collaboration
    • An A2Y chamber representative
    • City manager or planner
    • United Way
    • Ozone House
    • Local businesses (Heikk's, Unicorn Feed & Supply, etc.)
    • Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti YMCA
    • Convention and Visitors Bureau
    • Downtown Association of Ypsilanti
    • Ypsilanti Community Schools
    • Ypsilanti Township
  • What areas of the University does CEC impact?

    • Enrollment
    • Foundation/resources
    • Community relationship/perception
    • Faculty development/university culture
    • Community and economic revitalization

Community Shares

Check our the Community Shares page for upcoming events and announcements from community members and organizations!


Questions on the CEC can be directed to [email protected].