Community Work-Study Information for Students and Organizations

Eastern Michigan University's Community Work Study Program (CWSP) is a great way to help finance your education at EMU and give back to your community at the same time! CWSP is a type of need-based student financial aid that undergraduate students earn through part-time employment at an off-campus organization. Through the Engage@EMU office, you will work with the CWSP supervisor to find an off-campus (either in person or remote/virtual) position that is best matched to your interests, schedule, and transportation needs. Our program has worked with over 40 organizations in the Washtenaw County area and has placed more than 90 students at these locations. CWSP has a double incentive as students are able to earn money to help meet college expenses while gaining valuable job experience and connection. Some of our graduates have found internships and careers through their work with CWSP!

Below you will find frequently asked questions and resources for the Community Work-Study Program process. Please direct all CWSP questions to CWSP Supervisor Symone Davis at [email protected]

Information and Resources for New Community Work-Study Students

  • How Do I Get Started?

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    If you have a work-study award for the semester your are applying to the CWSP program:

    • Fill out the Student Interest Form
    • The CWSP Supervisor will review your application and will set up a time to complete a CWSP orientation with you.
    • Before you arrive at your CWSP orientation, please complete the following steps. Start thinking about places you may want to work. Visit our main page to view current and previous placement locations. Review your school and extra-curricular schedule to find blocks of 2-6 hours that you can work at your CWSP job.

    If you are unsure if you have a work-study award or have questions about applying for a work-study award:

    • Please send an email with your EID to CWSP Supervisor Sidney Anderson at [email protected].
  • How Much Can I Make and How Do I Get Paid?

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    CWSP jobs pay differently based on the organization and are dependent on the site supervisor's discretion. All CWSP students start at $10 per hour for their first semester. Questions regarding pay can be emailed to CWSP Supervisor Sidney Anderson at [email protected].

    All students must log their time for each pay period in their time sheet found in their account. CWSP Supervisor will review the steps with you during your CWSP orientation. Please see the Payroll Resources tab below to review the steps to fill out a time sheet. CWSP Site Supervisors will fill out their time sheet for each student for each pay period as well.

    CWSP Supervisor will send emails to all CWSP students and their site supervisors the morning that time sheets are due.

    Work-study award funds will be automatically directed to your Eagle OneCard unless you have set up Direct Deposit [PDF].

  • What Type of Jobs Can I Use My CWSP Award For?

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    All CWSP jobs are intended to help the student match their interests and skills with a local, nonprofit organization. Students can use  their work-study award at a for-profit organization if they are working on a project for the community good. CWSP Supervisor will review this at the CWSP orientation.

    Students have found jobs working in the following areas. If you are interested in a position outside of these areas, please let us know and we can work to find you a placement that matches your interests.

      • Education: After-School Tutoring (K-12), Before-School Tutoring (K-1), Preschool Mentoring, ESL Workshop Assistant, Creative Writing Workshop Assistant, and Child Development Assistant Teachers (18 mos.- 5 year olds)
      • Environmental Science Environmental Advocacy Webinar Assistant, Environmental Curriculum Assistant
      • Arts Art Program Assistant, Art for Children Program Assistant
      • Technology Computer Technician
      • Public Sector/Government Community Development Assistant, Government/Nonprofit Events Assistant
      • General Food Pantry Stocker, Meal Kit Sorter, Meal Delivery Driver, Social Media Manager, Blog Writer and Events and Photography Assistant

    During COVID-19, our students and organizations have been creative in the use of their community work study. Some examples of positions include Remote Volunteer Coordinator, Communications Manager, Social Media/Marketing Intern, and more.

  • Student Employee Policy and Forms

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    Upon hire, you will need to complete the Student Employment Checklist before you can start working at your CWSP job. Please review the below steps to complete:

    Complete I-9 Form [PDF] (Page 3 has the Lists of Acceptable Documents) 

    • Email Crystal Walrath at the University Advising and Career Development Center (UACDC) at [email protected] to arrange a time for completion of this form. As of right now, the form must be completed in-person.

    Under the Student Employment Menu in your account, you can complete the following items:

    • Certify that you have read and understand the Student Employee Policy [PDF] and Data Security and Confidentiality Policy
    • Consent to a Criminal Background Check 

Information and Resources for New Community Work-Study Organizations

  • How Do I Get Started?

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     If you are interested in getting started with the CWSP Program, please complete the following steps:

    • Fill out the Organization Interest Form
    • The CWSP Supervisor will review your application
    • Once approved the CWSP Supervisor will contact your organization to set up a time to complete a CWSP orientation with you.

    Visit our main page to view our current and previous placement locations.

    Review the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Organizations for more information.

    Please email CWSP Supervisor Sidney Anderson at [email protected] if you have any questions. 

Additional Information and Resources for Students and Organizations