Residence Housing Association

EMU students with Swoop mascot.What is the Residence Housing Association?

RHA is a student organization that represents our students who live on campus in the residence halls and apartments.

What Does RHA Do?

RHA provides a means for residential students of Eastern Michigan University to attend educational and social programming; voice their ideas, concerns, and opinions to the proper authorities; and to continuously work to improve the condition and experience of on-campus living. We do this by providing leadership opportunities to any residential student who wishes to be involved and by working with various departments and organizations within EMU to foster positive experiences for all students.

We meet weekly to design unique social experiences for the students that live on campus. The RHA general assembly works to brainstorm, budget, promote, plan and execute programming held throughout the school year in large campus venues or the residence hall lobbies and lounges. We listen to the voices of students through our forums and hearing opinions and personal experiences through connecting at social events. Throughout the year you may hear about Lil Sibs Weekend, RHA Bingo and many more programs, all of which are planned and hosted by our student leadership teams.

RHA also works to develop student leaders in executive and community positions. Through team building, professional development, and working with housing professionals you build skills that help you in your college and eventually your professional life

The RHA Executive Board, resident students and guests convene weekly to address campus issues and formulate comprehensive programming. The RHA Office is located on the 1st floor of Putnam Hall. 

How Do I Get Involved?

Living on-campus automatically makes you a member of RHA. You are welcome to join us at our general assembly meetings or get involved with the community representatives in your hall at any time during the school year. Many different leadership opportunities are available at both levels of government. . If you would like more information about how to obtain one of these positions or have any questions regarding RHA, please email at [email protected].