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When you're unsure of how to get help with issues this is the place to look for information on submitting work orders, getting key/ID issues resolved, and restoring internet connectivity.

Submitting Work Orders

When you shouldn't submit a work order

  • Common Issues that do not Require Work Orders Expand dropdown

    Please do not submit a work order for problems with locks or keys, lockouts, internet issues or missed room cleaning. If you have missed a scheduled cleaning, please note that the housekeeping staff will not clean occupied student rooms.

  • Emergency Situations Expand dropdown

    Do not submit a work order in an emergency situation, contact your front desk immediately or the RA on duty (if it’s after 9 p.m. or on a weekend). Requests are dispatched immediately.

    Emergencies situations are those that demand immediate response to protect and save property and lives such as fire, health, and safety issues. Examples of Emergency Situations include, but are not limited to:

    • Fire
    • Electrical sparks, smoke
    • Downed electrical line
    • Electrical Outage
    • Broken Steam, water or gas line
    • Toilet overflowing
    • Person trapped in elevator
    • Storm water flooding into a building
    • Sewage backup in a building
    • Broken, gushing, or misdirected irrigation device or sprinkler head
    • Gas Leak or smell of gas
    • Discharge of fire suppression system

When to submit a work order

  • Urgent Situations Expand dropdown

    Urgent Situations are those that pose a threat of personal injury, equipment damage, or a serious disruption of the University’s operations. For these situations, please submit a work order as soon as possible. If applicable, please indicate that you have an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) in the notes section. 

    Submit a Work Order

    Urgent work orders should be addressed within 24 hours. Please check your email for updates. If your work order is not addressed within 24 hours,  please contact your front desk. 

    If  you need help completing a work order please go to your front desk. 

    Examples of Urgent Situations include, but are not limited to:

    • Broken glass and/or door
    • HVAC system issues when the temperatures are above 85 degrees (for air conditioning) or below 64 degrees (for heating)
    • Toilet stopped up if it is the only toilet available in the particular unit
    • ADA compliance issue, e.g. inoperative door opener, obstructed route
    • Inoperative switch, outlet or light (where there is insufficient lighting)
    • Piping or roof leak
    • Clogging sink/toilet/shower/tub to the only operable sink/toilet/shower/tub available in the particular unit
    • Loss of hot water or cold water
    • Pest control that poses a harmful, unsafe condition such as bedbugs, stinging or biting insects (e.g. bees, wasp, hornets, fire ants, etc.)
    • Mold that poses a harmful, unsafe condition after assessment by a qualified person
    • Fire alarm trouble including malfunction of in-unit smoke detectors
    • Any repair necessary to remedy a situation in which the building has been made unsecure
    • Vandalism repair
    • Essential Common area indoor lighting where light is essential for the proper function of the space
  • Miscellaneous issues and repairs Expand dropdown

    For all other non-urgent issues or repairs that are not related to locks, keys, internet or housekeeping, please submit a work order. If applicable, please indicate that you have an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) in the notes section. 

    Submit a Work Order

    The timeline for service is based upon the need, the severity of the problem, the amount of time needed for repairs, and the availability of staff. While some damage is normal wear and tear, completing a work order does not exempt you from paying for appropriate repairs if you are responsible for the damages.

    Please check your email for updates about your work order. If  you need help completing a work order please go to your front desk. 

    NOTE: EMU will give advance notice to conduct maintenance for preventative and/or regular service work. Maintenance staff employed or contracted by Eastern Michigan University may enter occupied rooms during the course of their work. This includes but is not limited to emergency maintenance or the completion of work orders. Please note that the submission of a work order constitutes permission for staff to enter a room and access any area necessary for the completion of their work.

Common Issues

Your key and ID provide access to your room and are used for other purposes. Find out what you should do if either one is broken, lost or stolen. Also find out how to get access to your room if you are locked out.

  • Broken Room Keys Expand dropdown
    If your metal room key is broken, report it to the Front Desk staff. They will order you a new key and provide you with a temporary key. There may be a fee if it is determined you are responsible for the key damage.
  • Lockouts Expand dropdown

    In the event of a lockout, residents may check out a loaner key from the Front Desk during normal desk hours. If a resident is locked out of their room after the desk closes, the RA on duty should be contacted. For residents of Cornell Courts and Westview, contact DPS for lockouts at 734.487.1222 and a member of Housing and Residence Life staff will be sent to provide assistance.

    Residents that are locked out of their room will be given access to their room, free of charge, one time for the academic year. For each lockout thereafter or use of a loaner key, a $20 lockout fee will be assessed. After three loaner keys have been issued, a work order may be issued to change the lock and the lock change fee will be billed directly to the resident’s student account. Loaner keys issued must be returned within 48 hours of the lockout or a lock change will be submitted and billed to the resident’s student account ($15 fee will be assessed for the unreturned card). Three lockouts or loaner keys within a 60-day period will result in a lock change billed to the resident’s student account.

  • Lost or Stolen Keys Expand dropdown

    (See the Residence Hall and Apartments Rules 3.10 Security Procedures)

    To ensure safety, residents must report keys that are lost or stolen to the front desk or RA on duty immediately. A lock change will be requested and the student’s account will be billed. Once a key is reported missing, the lock change process is started and cannot be stopped. Keys are issued to the resident only. Residents cannot give their keys/keycard/EID to friends, family members or guests.

  • Room Key Cards Expand dropdown
  • Lost or Broken EID Expand dropdown
    In the event of a lost or broken EID, report it to the Front Desk staff who will initiate the process of issuing a temporary card. This process may take several minutes. If your EID was lost or stolen, please inform the staff so that proper safety measures can be taken. If a lost or broken EID occurs outside of Front Desk hours, the resident should contact the RA on duty (phone numbers posted near the Front Desk). The temporary card must be returned when a new card is received. Not returning the card will result in a charge.

If you live in any locations with the exception of Cornell Courts or 601 West Forest your internet is provided by EMU. Please contact the EMU IT Help Desk for support:

Cornell Courts & 601 W. Forest Residents

If you live in Cornell Courts or 601 West Forest, your internet is provided by Comcast. If you are having issues with your internet, please work through the following steps:

  1. Make sure that the coax cable and the power cord are both plugged into the wall and then into the internet router.
  2. If after ensuring the power cord and coax cable cord are plugging in correctly, the modem does not emit a wireless signal, hit the reset button. You should hit the reset button one time, then wait a few minutes. The reset process can take up to five minutes. You can try this process a few times.
  3. If neither of these steps work, you will need to submit a Comcast work order via the EMU Cable Issue Submission Form [PDF]. The form is an editable PDF that you need to save and send in an email to: [email protected].

You cannot get a new Comcast router at the Comcast store, as EMU has special materials as part of our contract with Comcast. We do not have the inventory to replace routers. If you are issued a new network name/password, make sure to write both on the modem.


Contract & Cancellation Policy

The Housing and Dining Services Contract is a legally binding agreement. Once a student takes occupancy, they are held to the terms and conditions of their contract(s). All students were emailed a copy of the contract when they filled out the contract within the housing application and were encouraged to download and save a copy for their records.

  • Housing Cancellation Policy Expand dropdown

    Prior to moving in, a cancellation of the contract can be made in writing to the Housing email account at [email protected] from your @emich.edu email account. You must include:

    • Your full legal name
    • EID number
    • Reason for the cancellation request

    Please note the following:

    • Please indicate "Cancel Housing" in your email subject line to ensure prompt processing.
    • The $150 prepayment is non-refundable.
    • Requests for cancellation will not be accepted over the phone.

    Once you get keys for your space, you are held to the terms and conditions of the contract. If you would like to see if you can be released from your contract, please see the information in the Housing and Dining Contract.

  • Housing & Dining Contract Details Expand dropdown

    We adhere to the concept of university life as a learning experience for our residents. Students have responsibility for having full knowledge of the commitments to which they have obligated themselves to when signing a contract and an appropriate understanding of consequences when they do not fulfill their responsibilities.

    We recognize that a student may need to terminate the Housing and Dining Service Contract in certain select instances and releases are granted for the following reasons:

    • Withdrawal from the University
    • Transfer to another school
    • Study abroad (documentation needed)
    • Academically approved internships more than 30 miles one way (documentation needed)
    • Student teaching (documentation needed)
    • Academic dismissal
    • Part-time status – enrollment of 6 credit hours or less for the semester
    • Military duty
    • Graduation

    Releases are not given for:

    • Moving home to commute
    • Moving to an off-campus house or apartment
    • Full time enrollment in online classes
    • Concerns about COVID-19
    • Financial issues

    Any requests will be reviewed and may or may not be granted. Students who are not approved for a contract release and still choose to move-out will continue to be billed for the remainder of the contract.

    If you are interested in applying for a contract release, please contact us at [email protected].