Contact the Department of Mathematics and Statistics


Mathematics and Statistics Department

515/516 Pray-Harrold

During Fall 2021, the department office is providing services according to the following schedule:

  • August 16 - September 9
    • Monday-Friday:  in-person services
  • September 10 - December 17
    • Monday-Thursday:  in-person services
    • Fridays:  remote services via email, phone, and Zoom. In-person services on Fridays may be arranged by appointment.  Please email Dr. Debra Ingram, Professor and Department Head, at [email protected], or Cathy Hassett, Senior Secretary, at [email protected].  We look forward to assisting you. 

Math Pathways Support and Placement

508 Pray-Harrold

During Fall 2021, the Math Pathways Support Program is providing both in-person and remote services for math placement and other student support activities.  Please visit our Math Pathways Support and Placement web page for more information!

Mathematics Tutoring Center

411 Pray-Harrold

During Fall 2021, the Math Tutoring Center is providing free tutoring services both in-person and remotely via Zoom appointments.  Please visit our Math Tutoring Center web page for more information! 

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